15 Little Ways To Make Your Dorm Room More Fun

If you’re going to college in the fall, it’s probably pretty likely that you’ve been harboring some fantasies of your dorm room being the “fun” one. You know, the room with the door that’s always ajar from someone going or coming. The one that people think of when they need a place to meet. The room that everyone feels a bit of a special connection with, because something special has happened to them there.

Of course, you don’t want your room to be, like, too fun–you don’t want everyone to assume that you’re having a pregame every single night and walk in all willy-bully with zero disregard for the fact that it’s a Tuesday night and you have an econ exam tomorrow–but, still. A fun dorm room is a good thing to have. And, if you want to get that perfect balance of “fun” and “relaxing,” there are some things you can fill it with. Check them out here: 

1. A cool photo collage:



You know, so everyone who comes into your room knows you have friends at home.


2. A whimsical doormat:


Buy this for $50 from Urban Outfitters

Who can deny that this is the fun room when they see this mat?


3. A neon sign:


Buy this for $75 from Etsy

So trendy! So fun!


4. Or, perhaps, a neon poster:


Buy this for $6.69 from Etsy

Because, apparently, neon can be a “fire hazard.”


5. A cute AF laundry bag:


Buy this for $29 from PBteen

Fun AND functional.


6. A trendy minifridge:


Buy this for $129 from Urban Outfitters

I mean, if you have to buy your own, why not buy one that’s millennial pink?


7. A fluffy rug:


Buy this for $150 from Etsy

For all of you new friends to just, like, lay on.


8. A futon:


Buy this for $159 from Amazon

If your new friends would “prefer a chair, actually.” (Also, for what it’s worth, futons makes hosting people much easier.)


9. A tapestry that reveals your values:


Buy this for $108 from Urban Outfitters

I mean. Who can argue with that?


10. A fun AF speaker:


Buy this for $199 from Tivoli Audio

This one glows. Just like you!


11. A faux fur throw:


Buy this for $128 from Etsy



12. A cute mug:


Buy this for $14 from Urban Outfitters

For obvious reasons.


13. A cute succulent planter:


Buy this for $24 from Etsy

Also for obvious reasons.


14. Fairy lights:


Buy these for $5.99 from Target

Because what is a college dorm room without fairy lights?


15. A fun pencil holder:


Buy this for $10 from Bando

You will need one, if for no reason other than to remind you that you do need to go to class.


Are you going to college this year? Are you trying to make your dorm room more fun? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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