Can You Actually Get Pregnant From Being Fingered?


I was just wondering if it’s possible to get pregnant after getting fingered. My boyfriend and I were fooling around and he masturbated. After he was done, he went to the bathroom, then came back and he fingered me for the first time. It’s been two days since that happened and I was supposed to get my period yesterday but I didn’t. My breasts feel tender. I’m worried if I could be pregnant?

are you pregnant

Okay, so basically what you want to know is this: if your boyfriend masturbates and comes on his hand, then fingers you afterwards, can the semen get inside of you, getting you pregnant? The short answer is almost definitely no. The longer answer is that there is a very, extremely slight possibility... with an explanation, of course. So let’s go over it.

The only way fingering might get you pregnant is if this happens: your boyfriend masturbates onto his fingers, then takes his finger covered in semen and sticks it immediately inside of you. If that happens, and you aren’t on birth control at all, then sure – it’s possible that you might get pregnant. A lot of people think that sperm dies the second it hits the air, but that actually isn’t true. It can survive longer than you think!

But if your boyfriend masturbates into his hand, and then washes the stuff off, and then fingers you, your chances of getting pregnant are slim to none. I don’t know what your boyfriend did in bathroom, but it seems highly unlikely that he left his junk on his hand without washing it off at least a little bit. I also have no idea why he would stick a finger of semen into your vagina. So, I’m guessing you’re safe here. I really don’t think this particular incident got you pregnant.

Another thing to keep in mind: pregnancy symptoms don’t happen over night. Even if your BF did get you pregnant from this situation, you wouldn’t miss your period the literal next day. You probably wouldn’t miss a period until the next month. You also wouldn’t feel breast tenderness mere hours later. It sounds like your period is just a little late (pretty normal) and the breast tenderness is most likely just part of PMS.

If you’re really freaked out, take a pregnancy test. But honestly, you don’t need to worry here. It’s extremely unlikely to get pregnant from anything other than penetrative sex.

Good luck!

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