13 Exciting Movies Coming Out This Fall You Need To See

Do you hear that?! It’s NOT the sound of crickets, since most of them are dying, and fall is coming. Yes, I am getting a little ahead of myself here and I’m sorry, but I am a LITTLE sick of this heat and humidity, and I’m so ready for cooler weather. Fall is a really exciting time of year: you get to head back to school, you get to pick your Halloween costume, and you are SO close to the holiday season! So really, there are a ton of exciting things to look forward to this fall, including some really cool movies.

I personally think that fall is the best time for movies. Just think about it: it’s a rainy fall Saturday, it’s too cold to hang out outside, but not quite cold enough to stay in and watch Netflix. What do you do? Go to the movies with your friends, duh. There are a ton of movies coming out over the next few months, and I’m sure at least one or two of them will appeal to you and your friends. Want a scary movie? October is the best time for that. Into more ~actiony~ movies? There are a few of those coming out too. Check them out!


I just recently watched the original It movie and was pretty impressed. I honestly think this one has to opportunity to be even spookier. It follows a group of kids in a town there a bunch of weird things happen, including a ton of disappearing children. Of course, there is a super creepy clown terrorizing the town.  Just in time for Halloween! This movie will be out September 8th.

Justice League

If you saw Wonder Woman (we all did, right??) I'm sure you're excited for the superhero extravaganza that is the Justice League. Basically, all of your favorite DC characters are in one movie, destroying evil together. That includes Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash...maybe Superman?! Sure he died in the last movie but he never stays dead for long.  It should be a good one. You can see it in theaters on November 17th.

The Shape Of Water

This mysterious movie follows a mute woman who discovers and befriends a weird creature living in the government lab where she works. I'm not going to lie, the trailer made me cry, and it looks like a really effing cute movie about two ~outcasts~ who help each other. This movie will be in theaters on December 8th.

The Papers

This trailer hasn't come out yet and the movie itself is pretty top secret, but they filmed it right on my block, so I can confirm that it looks pretty cool. I can also say that it stars Meryl Streep as the first female editor of The Washington Post who seems like a badass. Plus, it's got Tom Hanks. What more could you want. You can see this movie on December 22nd.

The Snowman

This is another spooky one! A detective investigates a murder of a woman who had her head cut off and put on top of a snowman (yikes!). The detective keeps finding creepy messages from the murderer and starts to get stalked himself. Don't want this movie alone, okay? You can watch this movie on October 20th.


I think this movie is scary although there is very little information about it online, so I can't be sure. All I know is that it is directed by the guy who director The Black Swan, so it will probably be some sort of thriller. It stars Jennifer Lawrence as a woman who keeps having random people show up at her house. Sounds...weird? I don't know. You can see this movie September 15th.


Based on the best-selling book, this movie follows a fifth grade boy named Auggie who is starting public school for the first time. Auggie was born with a facial deformity which makes it hard for him to form friendships. This movie looks cute and heartwarming, which is exactly what the world needs right now, IMO. You can see it in theaters on November 17th.

Jumanji: Enter The Jungle

I'm sure you remember the classic Jumanji movie starring Robin Williams as a kid who gets stuck in a dangerous board game. This sequel, however, takes place in modern day, and the bard game has been replaced with a video game. The concept is pretty cool, I'm not sure if it will beat the original, though. You can see this movie on December 20th.

Pitch Perfect 3

Yes, another Pitch Perfect movie! I'm not complaining, since I love Anna Kendrick and Hailee Steinfeld. This movie takes place after the all graduated from college and are having issues finding jobs in the "real world," so they meet up again to keep doin' the a capella thing. Nice. You can see this movie on December 22nd.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Get ready for all of the childhood ~feels~ with this movie, which explores author A.A. Milne's life and family, which inspires him to write the classic Winnie The Pooh books in the '20s. Good luck watching this one, since it looks like a TEAR jerker. You can see this movie October 13th.

Thor: Ragnarok

If you want another superhero movie this fall, you should check out the latest instalment in the Marvel universe. Thor: Ragnarok brings back your favorite indestructible God and his sort of evil brother Loki as they battle Hela, an evil being, from destroying his world. Oh, The Hulk is in this one too. You can see it on November 3rd.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I will NOT put my personal opinions in this post, other than the fact that I do LOVE Rey and think she is the one of the best female characters of all time. The latest installment in the Star Wars franchise will feature the return of Luke Skywalker and the last appearance of Carrie Fisher playing Leia. Not much else about the plot has been released, but it will most likely be a sad one. You can see it in theaters December 15th.


I know we all thought that the Saw movies were done but think AGAIN! Jigsaw is back to torture a group of unexpected humans (even though he's been dead?! I'm sure it will be explained...maybe). This one looks just as violent and horrifying as the last seven Saw movies, which is perfect for gore-loving horror fans. You can watch this one on October 27th.

What movie will you see this fall? Tell us in the comments!

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