18 BFF Goals That Beat Every Single Relationship Goal

I don’t want to be rude, but, at this point in the summer, I think I have had enough of couple photos. I have grown tired of seeing couples at the beach (trite), I am sick of seeing couples at a summer concert or outdoor movie night (overdone) and, if I see one more photo of a gingham-clad couple holding hands at a patriotic picnic, I fear that I will become physically ill. I have thoughts about it that I do not feel comfortable saying myself, so, instead, I will let Rihanna take it away for me:

I am sure you can relate. Anyway, while I am sick, nearly to death, of couple-related content, my mood shifts considerably when the same content is used to describe a different kind of couple–best friends. Is this unfair? Some might say so, but, personally, I think it is only fair to say this. Your friend will be there for you when your crush is not, after all, and your relationship will likely be much longer, too.

Friend breakups do happen, of course, but, when they do, they are more of a tragedy and less of an inevitability than it is when romantic couples break up. And, besides–you and your BFF are never going to break up, right? Of course right. So, check out these BFF goals that beat every single relationship goal out there:

1. A BFF who shows up on your first date just to make sure it’s going well:


2. A BFF who is willing to engage in your self-destructive behaviors, no matter the cost:



3. But also knows when to draw the line:


4. A BFF who will cape for you this hard when you give a presentation in class, because they know you get anxious about this sort of thing:


5. A BFF who texts you to make sure you made it home:


6. A BFF with whom you are able to communicate not with words, but with your thoughts:



7. A BFF (or a few!) who give you a glow-y feeling whenever you’re doing things you’d otherwise consider to be mundane:



8. A BFF who inspires you to actually be on time to things for once in your life:



9. A bFF who will take some sweet selfies with you during the bomb threat:



10. A BFF who makes you feel this special whenever you interact:



11. A BFF who can insult you, but would never let anyone else even dream of being mean to you:



12. A BFF who thinks all of the same terrible thoughts as you:



13. A BFF who knows–and cherishes–your “thing:”



14. A BFF who inspires you to do this:



15. And, of course, a BFF who inspires this fan art:



16. A BFF who hypes you the HECK up:


17. A BFF who you can envision doing this with 60 or so years down the road:


18. What can you say? You love the bitch:


Do these goals describe you and your BFF? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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