18 Reasons To Cut Your Hair Short Before School Starts

We’re officially into August, which means that we can start talking about going back to school without it seeming ridiculous AF. Sorry to rub salt in any school-related wound you might have, but in just a few weeks, class is going to be in session again and geography class is going to be very much a reality. There’s no need to get too upset about it because with back to school comes back-to-school prep.

While I never looked forward to having to study, I did look forward to back-to-school DIYs, ways to update my school wardrobe on the cheap, and a fresh haircut for the first day of class. I was especially excited for the last one. A haircut might not seem like a big deal, but the right one can boost your confidence and make you ready to tackle the school year.

If you have long hair, you might want to consider shearing those locks come September. Not only are short haircuts super trendy (hello, lobs and buzzcuts), they’re also very low maintenance. Sometimes you don’t even need to run a comb through them. And before you say that short hair isn’t versatile, hold up. There are countless different versions of short hair with many different ways to style each look. Check out 18 reasons to cut your hair short for back to school.

1. Loose Wavy Bob



That pastel pink hair color slays, but the shape of this haircut is amazing. Note the side part and the way the long bangs frame her face? And notice all those soft layers? That is a good haircut, people.


2. Ombre Gradient Bob


A straight bob that hits just above your chin is a classic. However, a straight bob with a sunset-inspired pink dye job is anything but boring.


3. Long Bob With Longer Front Layers



Did certain reality TV stars ruin shaped bobs for you? It’s time to give them a second chance. This long bob with pieces that are slightly longer in the front demonstrates how pretty the look can be. And can we just talk about how thick her hair is for a second?


4. Voluminous Shoulder-Length Hair



This is the perfect cut if you want to cut your hair shorter, but you don’t want to go too short. It hits just above the shoulders so you still have plenty of length to play with. Trust.


5. Rounded Crop




Here’s proof that you can still get major volume with short hair. This rounded shape makes hair look extra thick and the bangs enhance your eyes. Don’t be afraid to try this look even if you have thin hair.


6. Piece-y White Blonde Crop



The white blonde color has Game of Thrones vibes, but the short pixie actually slays as much as Daenerys Targaryen’s longer waves. The shape makes it look interesting from all angles.


7. Curly Bob



Girls with short hair are sometimes hesitant to cut their hair short, but you definitely should. Why? Just look at how bouncy and full her curls appear in this short ‘do. That volume in the front…


8. Pointed Bob



You can pretty much never go wrong with a bob and loose waves. I love how her haircut finishes in pointed layers in the front as opposed to a hard line.


9. Bleached Buzzcut



If you’re craving a dramatic makeover, look no further than this haircut. For extra points, bleach your hair until its Malfoy blonde.


10. Variegated Bob with Bangs



Sometimes people don’t know what to do with bangs in a short haircut. Or the fringe can feel like an afterthought. That’s not the case with this look. Her bangs work with the sleek shape of the rest of the layers.


11. Straight Center-Parted Bob



Reminder: Short hair isn’t meant to be complicated. A one-length, center-parted style can be killer. Case in point: Her hair. Go slap a #hairgoals hashtag on this look.


12. Wavy Chin-Length Hairstyle



This is the sort of effortless haircut that you want, but never seem to know how to achieve. With this photo and a little help from your hairdresser, you can get the look.


13. Side-Swept Crop



It’s all about that cute side sweep here. However, you’re still free to play around with your parting. Each look will produce something different.


14. Wispy Straight Bob



Sometimes it’s okay for hair to be a bit messy. The wispy texture here plays up the straight shape of her medium-length haircut. The black roots also add some edge to the cotton candy hair color.


15. Spiky Crop



Here’s how to add a spiky texture to your hair without looking like the lost female member of a 1990s boy band. This is also proof that super short bangs can be the cutest.


16. Tousled Pob



Remember Victoria Beckham’s famous pob? Think of this as the cool-girl version of that.


17. Shaved Head



Looking for a completely new lewk? You can’t get much more drastic than a buzzcut that is so short that you can see a bit of scalp through it. Go on, try it.


18. Brush-Back Pixie



This has a bit of a retro vibe, but the haircut still looks very modern. Not to mention that it’s perfect for showing off that gorgeous face of yours.


What hairstyle is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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