7 Amazing Sex Positions For Quicker Orgasms

Let’s talk about quickies for a minute, okay? A quickie, in case you’re wondering, is when you have sex really quickly – like, maybe under five minutes. Quickies can be pretty amazing when they happen at the right time. Obviously you don’t want them to happen all the time, because that would probably suck for you, but they definitely have a time and a place. Sometimes they happen because you’re both so overwhelmed with passion you can’t hold it in, and other times, you simply don’t have time for a long sex sesh. Whatever the reason, they can be great… except for one thing: it’s really hard for women to orgasm that fast. Having a quickie orgasm? Not always possible.


Luckily, though, there are some things you can keep in mind if you’re looking to get off in a short amount of time. One thing you can do is switch up the positions you’re trying. Certain sex positions can make you feel better faster, making it easier for you to have an orgasm in just a few minutes. Knowing this stuff is super useful, especially if you’re always busy, have to sneak around to have sex, or you’re just having some romantic tryst that happens in scandalous places. Check out these sex positions that will help you have an orgasm quickly, so you can go on with your life while feeling good.

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