15 Back To School Glo Up Tips You Need To See Right Now

Whether you like it or not, the first day of school is rapidly approaching. And, with this in mind, chances are good that you’ve begun to think a little (or a lot, maybe) about how, exactly, you want to be perceived when you walk in on that first day. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that many of us have harbored fantasies of returning to school after summer vacation and forcing all of your peers to realize that you have changed, somehow–you know, with shinier hair, better clothes, a clearer complexion, and an overall sunnier, more engaging, more desirable personality. Like Archie Andrews!

This, essentially, is a glo-up. And it’s understandable if you’d want it to happen to you, too. Obviously, external beauty isn’t the only thing that matters in life, and thinking that it is is a good way to invite some self-destructive thoughts to stay in your mind for a long time. But engaging in rituals that are typically associated with superficial beauty–face masks, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc–can be a lot of fun, and they can also help make you feel more confident. So, check out these essential back-to-school glo up tips that will help you feel beautiful on the outside and inside this year:

1. Start preparing  a week (or earlier) before school starts:



2. If you don’t usually wear makeup, but want to start this year, this is a nice, easy look that’s sustainable enough to keep up with the whole year:




3. Confused as to what facial spray is? Make this one yourself and keep in in your backpack all day to spritz on yourself if you’re feeling kind of blah:




4. Start a self-pampering schedule–it doesn’t have to be this exact one, but it can be fun to try and stick to a routine:




5. Speaking of exfoliation. You’re not going to want to exfoliate your lips when the school year starts, so do this DIY lip exfoliator now:




6. You’re going to want to make the most of your sleep, so try out these sleep hygiene tips to ensure that whatever shut-eye you get is good quality:




7. And do some yoga before bed so you’re relaxed AF:




8. A good way to get clear skin is by drinking a lot of water. You can make this easier for yourself by eating foods that have a high water content:




9. And making your actual water more fun to drink:


(Will it do everything this person claims it will? Absolutely not! But it will ensure that you’re drinking more water, which can never hurt.)



10. Actually, just make sure that everything you’re drinking can benefit your skin:




11. Try to have a relaxing day before the school week starts:




12. Which you can do by maximizing your time management skills and getting all of your homework done on time (and well):




13. Try to restructure your thinking so you can be as confident as possible:




14. Try these little tips to try and boost your happiness throughout the day:




15. And, most of all, take care of yourself:



It’s corny, but the glo-up really does start from within!


Are you going back to school soon? Are you going to try and ~glo up~ yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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