7 Signs You’re A Stressful Girlfriend

We’ve written a lot about signs your boyfriend is controlling, signs your boyfriend takes you for granted, signs your boyfriend is just a big piece of poop who you should break up with immediately, etc. Unfortunately, those posts are always relevant because guys can be pretty, well, garbage. Whether it’s sexism or a society that gives them leeway to be immature a-holes, girls have a lot of mess to deal with on the dude front. But let’s be real: Girls can be nightmares too. Sometimes being a controlling girlfriend is laughed off, reduced to funny screenshot fodder on Twitter. But that kind of behavior is far from cute, seriously.

You probably don’t think that you’re that kind of girlfriend. But maybe, just maybe, you’re a lot less chill than you think you are. Check out these seven signs that you’re a stressful girlfriend. If it turns out you have some of these not-so-lovely qualities, don’t worry: There’s always time to develop some chill.

You Put Yourself Down A Lot In Front Of Him

You're human, and like all humans you're not always feeling 100 percent confident about the way you look. Sometimes you keep it to yourself, sometimes you express it openly for all--particularly friends and your BF--to hear. It happens, and sometimes you're just looking for some reassurance or you're fishing for compliments. We all do it! But if you make it a habit to do this around your boyfriend, only to have him repeatedly reassure you that you look good, you're beautiful, you shouldn't be so negative, etc? That might offer you some brief moments of reassurance, but it could be putting a toll on your dude. Think about how you would feel if a friend of yours was always going on about how ugly they are or how fat they are, and you had to be the dutiful friend and tell them that that's nonsense. Now, imagine that happening almost every damn day, without fail. You'd go nuts, right? Well, your boyfriend probably feels a little nutty himself. Take it easy.

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You're Always Making Little Suggestions On How He Could Be Better Or More Desirable

Nobody is perfect, including your boyfriend. But constantly reminding someone that they're not perfect or don't match up to your dream guy to a tee? Yeah, that's...kind of awful. Sure, maybe you would love for him to do something different with his hair like that guy in your favorite band, or maybe you wish he dressed a little less mama's boy and a little more skater boy (skater boys are perpetually hot, it's not fair). But sometimes you should keep that to yourself instead of pressuring him to look or act differently. Wow, you wish your boyfriend was a musician. Well, he's not. Deal with it. How would you feel if your boyfriend was constantly hinting that you should change your style or interests, even playfully? Let him be him, and decide whether that's enough for you.

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You Give Him Zero Privacy When He's On The Phone/Social Media

Yo, stop hovering over your boyfriend whenever he's sending a text. Stop checking to see what he likes on social media too. Let the dude have some damn privacy, the same thing that you deserve when you're messing around on your phone, computer, etc. Nobody wants to feel like they're constantly being monitored; it implies that you don't trust him, and that's a crappy feeling when you've done absolutely nothing wrong. Relax.

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You're (Admittedly) Passive Aggressive AF

Maybe your boyfriend said or did something that rubbed you the wrong way. Instead of addressing it, you just give him the cold shoulder or the silent treatment or other petty things until he realizes that you're mad at him. We all have these moments, but if this is happening regularly in your relationship...uh, yikes. This is a sign of a total lack of communication, and it's not going to get better by itself. This kind of nonsense sabotages relationships, so try to avoid doing this so much in the future.


You Freak Out When He Doesn't Reply To Your Texts Quickly

You need to stop being paranoid. Just because he didn't reply ASAP doesn't mean he's ignoring you, or talking to some other chick, or that he's died in a car accident. Sometimes people just don't reply to texts immediately, and it means nothing. People have different texting behaviors, dude. Start panicking when his behavior changes drastically, not just because it doesn't match your texting style.

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You've Accused Him Of A Lot Of Things You Ended Up Being Wrong About

You accuse him of hating your new hair cut just because he's not fawning over it like crazy. You accuse him of flirting with another girl when he was just being polite. You've flat out accused him of cheating because he didn't reply to your text within three minutes. If any of these sounds like something you've done or would potentially do, you need to have some chill, sis. Nobody wants to be accused of things by their partner all the time when those claims are totally unfounded or borderline unhinged. Be lucky you haven't been dumped yet, TBH.


You Invite Yourself Over To EVERYTHING

Space is important in a relationship...but you wouldn't know anything about that, because you try to be around your BF constantly. You might love him and all, and I'm sure he loves you too, but he also loves some alone time with his friends and family. So if you have a tendency to invite yourself over to anything and everything he does--from the family reunion to some gamer kickback with his nerdy friends--he's going to feel like he can't not invite you to something without you feeling sad and left out. Leave...him alone sometimes, sis.


Be honest: Have you done any of these things? Tell us in the comments!

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