20 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Desk In Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms can be super different from each other depending on the college you’re going to. For example: most state schools feature the bare minimum when it comes to decor and space, while most private universities have rooms that offer more space and amenities. Of course, there are exceptions, but the kind of dorm room you have generally depends on where the school is located and how much you’re paying. One thing is for sure, though: almost all dorm rooms give students a desk. Since, you know, the primary purpose of a dorm is to go to school.

Desk space can vary as well. Some students will be given a totally basic, small desk, while others will get one that is larger and has more storage space. Regardless of what it looks like, you want your desk space to be neat and organized while also coming off as aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it should be clean enough so that you can really do your homework and studying there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a chic spot in your room that shows off your personality. There are lots of ways to decorate a desk area in a dorm room, and figuring out what works for you can be kind of confusing.

So, why not take inspiration from other dorm room desks? The internet is full of dorm photos so perfect they look fake (I’m convinced some of them are) and those all have one thing in common: impeccable desks. Check out these creative ways to decorate your desk, and make it as inviting as possible. Who knows, maybe it will become a source of motivation!

1. Make it a mix of school and personal stuff.



The most interesting desk isn’t focused on just one thing – it’s a combination of school supplies and papers, as well as things that show off your personality, like artwork, photos, and magazine clippings.


2. Or go for the minimalist vibe.



If you’re not into a lot of *stuff* hanging around, go for a more minimalistic look: put only the essentials on your desk, and keep everything else in the drawers. It’s not as practical, but it does look good.


3. Cover the top to make it more fun.



There probably isn’t much you can change to the actual desk, since it isn’t yours to keep. But there are still ways to change it up. One great idea is to use wall paper or some kind of printed paper for decoration. Cover it with a piece of glass and you’ve just transformed your desk – plus, you’re giving it more protection.


4. Slide it under your bunk bed for more room.



If you have a high bunk bed, try sliding your desk underneath it. It’s cozier and gives you a lot more space to work with in the rest of the room.


5. Use organizers to keep everything neat and labeled.



Instead of just stacking things aimlessly, use organizers like these to keep everything together. And label absolutely everything so you can find it all faster.


6. Make your chair more comfortable.



Desk chairs can really make or break your desk vibe. Add some fuzzy or furry material to your chair to make it look better, and to make it more comfortable. You can make your own with fabric.


7. Drape lots of string lights all over.



Fairy string lights automatically make your desk look cozier, more intimate, and more fun – plus, it’s a little bit of extra light.


8. Use sheer curtains to make a little private nook.



Putting your desk under your bunk bed? Consider hanging some sheer curtains from the mattress to make a private study area. Even if you never actually close them, it looks cute!


9. Add a fun lamp.



A desk lamp is practical, but not the prettiest thing to look at. If you like the style, add a more feminine or quirky lamp that acts as more of a statement piece besides just giving you some extra light. It brightens up the area and makes it look more homey.


10. Add a lot more space by strategically stacking storage cubes.



If you need more storage space, try stacking storage cubes or wooden crates like these – at first glance, it looks like a whole big structure. It’s a cool way to add color and more of your items you need.


11. Hang photos, lights, and add flowers to make things super cozy.



If you really want to make your desk comfy and nice to sit at, add some cozy pieces, like your favorite photos, cute string lights, fake flowers, succulents, etc. It just looks good!


12. Work with your roomie to create a matching desk space.



If you have the room, put your desk next to your roomie’s and then decorate them so they match. It looks really good and might save you guys some space.


13. Add succulents.



Succulents are perfect for a dorm room because they’re very low maintenance and some don’t require sunlight. Add them to your desk area to give it a pop of color and a nice vibe.


14. Hang a photo collage above your desk.



Adding a bunch of photos over your desk will always remind you of good memories when you need that the most (while studying).


15. Put a shelving unit on top of your desk to add storage space.



You can probably find a shelving unit for a desk in most stores like Target or Wal-Mart. They save space and give you more room to store important desk stuff.


16. Hang up motivational quotes and photos.



One way to keep yourself on track? Hang up inspirational quotes, as well as photos that make you happy and remind you of your goals.


17. Make your desk top one big giant mouse pad. 



This looks good, protects the desk, and helps you use a mouse better.


18. Lean your bulletin board against the wall if you can’t hang anything.



It might be hard to hang something in certain dorm rooms, so if that’s the case, just lean yours against the wall. It looks good that way!


19. Make a specific spot for your cords to keep them organized.



The worst thing is when your cords get all tangled up and ruined – plus, it looks bad. Use this simple trick to keep them in place.


20. Forget the school supplies and make it a vanity.



Don’t want to work at your desk? Okay – then just turn it into a vanity, or a table to hold whatever you want. Just, uh, make sure you have another legit work space!


Which one of these dorm room desks is your favorite? How would you decorate your space? Share in the comments!

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