8 Easy Ways To Feel Less Self-Conscious About Your Body During Sex

We know that sex can pretty much be an emotional roller coaster with the raging hormones, desire to please, and fear that someone is going to walk in on you and bae at any moment. On top of that, you might be dealing with feeling self-conscious about your body.

Body confidence is a big topic of conversation in 2017. Sometimes we’re so focused on promoting self-confidence through selfies and clothes, however, that we can forget that feeling self-confidence during sex can be an issue.

If someone is already self-conscious about their body and they’re now going to be butt naked in front of someone, that self-consciousness is often magnified. Even someone who considers themselves to be body confident might get those worrisome thoughts in their head. We’ve almost all been there. When you’re standing literally exposed in front of someone and you’re about to wrap your body in all of these crazy-weird positions in the name of pleasure, you can start to have doubts about things.

The important thing is to work on silencing those thoughts and focus on the positives. When you drown out the negativity, you’ll feel more confident about your body. And when your ego is boosted, you’ll probably have better sex because of it since you’ll be able to really let go. Hello. Take a look at the ways you can be more confident with that gorgeous body of yours.

Remember That Bae Is Probably Feeling The Same Way

Bae might look super confident, and you might not think that bae has an inch of flesh that isn't perfection, but I can guarantee you that bae doesn't feel that way. Your SO is probably wondering if you're judging him/her. And bae is probably self-conscious about a few different body parts, too. We're all human and even the most beautiful ones aren't immune to self-conscious thoughts.

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Try A Different Position

Are you self-conscious having your vag super exposed in the open air? Or do you think your boobs look funny when you position yourself on your side? Try alternating positions so you can avoid them. Who knows, you might discover a new position that gives you confidence and makes you feel *amazing.*

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Create A Comfortable Environment

TBH, not many people feel body confident in the bright daylight with all of the windows open and not a cover in sight. Therefore, switch things up to make the situation feel cozier. Pull back those sheets, draw the blinds, and maybe add a candle or two.

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Focus On The Hot Sensations You're Feeling

I know it's hard to turn off that brain, but try. Try to get rid of any thoughts in your head and just focus on all of the sensations that are happening over your body. Trust me that this is the kind of mindful meditation you want to get behind.

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Focus On Any Random Thing

If you're having trouble focusing on the hot sensations over your body because your head is working overtime, focus on a random thing. Anything. Stare at the wood grain on the bed post. Stare at the popcorn on the ceiling. Stare at that mole on bae's shoulder. Just don't become too enthralled that you forget about the sex, okay?

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Put Things Into Perspective

When we're feeling self-conscious, it can be easy for things to get distorted and seem worse than they are. That's why it's helpful to actively remember to put things in perspective. That bump on your knee is not going to stop bae from having sex with you. Really, bae is probably going to be so focused on a good performance that he/she will not be analyzing your body beyond some appreciative glances.

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Try Some Super Sexy Lingerie

You might think that lingerie shopping when you're not feeling body confident isn't the best idea, but it can be. It will take a bit of time and effort, but when you find that special outfit that you look and feel H-O-T in, it will be worth it. And it will be even better when you show your sexy stuff to bae.

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Remember That Bae Is Attracted To You

Real talk: You would not be about to get it on with bae if bae didn't find you super attractive. And if bae finds you hot with your clothes, bae is probably going to find you twice a hot without them.

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How do you feel more confident about your body? Let us know in the comments!

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