12 Study Tips You Need To Know About Before School Starts

Now that we’re officially in August, it’s time to come to terms with what may feel like a bit of an unsavory truth–your return to school is almost here. Of course, it’s possible that this is good news for you. Maybe you have spent your whole summer counting down the days until school  starts again? I don’t know your life!

But, if you are like most people, you likely have a bit of (understandable) trepidation about going back. No matter how much you generally like school, the first couple of weeks tends to feel like jumping into a deep, icy-cold pool with barely any warning and being expected to know how to stay afloat for the whole semester–which, you know, you can do, but, when you’re out of practice, tends to be a little difficult. The best way to make your back-to-school transition a little easier? Refreshing your study skills. So, check out these study tips you need to know about before school officially gets started:

1. Plan out your study time:



Planning things out helps make the act of studying feel less like a chore and more like something you just sort of do for, like, your life.


2. Know how many different studying methods there are:



There are so many different ways! Try a mix and figure out the ones that work for you.


3. Switch up your study methods based on each subject:



Of course, one study method that works for one subject might not work for another. So, make sure you tailor your studying method for your different classes to make it as efficient as possible.


4. Especially foreign languages:



Foreign languages tend to require a different approach than, say, an English class, which you might not realize. So, make sure you anticipate that before you start your Spanish class this semester.


5. And math:



Math also uses a different part of your brain than the rest of your classes might. This is fine! You just need to make sure you’re prepared for that.


6. Make sure you’re benefiting from your time in class:



Like, don’t just go to class and sit there. Take notes! And, what’s more, make sure that your notes are ones that you can study from, like the ones above.


7.  Make sure you’re making the most of your class notes, too:



Is spending a lot of time working on your notes fun? No! But it can make the difference in your grade in a class if you do it the right way.


8. Know how to boost your memory:



Rote memorization isn’t everything, but it can definitely come in handy. Make sure your memory is at its peak by trying some of these tips.


9. Use a planner:



Even if you’ve never used one before. Even if you’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to remember all of your exam dates without one. Even if you just don’t really want to deal with one right now. You’ll use it! Promise.


10. Use a checklist before turning in an essay:



Specifically, this checklist. (Plus anything else that you know your teacher cares about.)


11. Make sure your thoughts are mostly positive:



It’s corny. But important! It’s pretty incredible how much a positive outlook (or, at the very least, a not-super-negative outlook) can turn things around. You don’t always have to be 100% happy and joyous about the things going on in your life, but if you can change the way you think about some things, you might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


12.  And, most of all, make the most out of your classes:



You’re only in class for a short time and, believe it or not, learning can be fun. Staying present in class can help you realize that.



Are you going to school soon? Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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