15 Cartoon Animals Who Are Weirdly Attractive

I just want start this off by saying that I’m sorry for the post you’re about to read… but it has recently come to my attention that certain animated animal characters are actually, in a way, “hot.” When I say hot, I mean that if they were actual IRL humans, they would look nice and ~attractive~ probably. I’m NOT encouraging sexual attraction to animals, but maybe they just have good features! I don’t really know how to justify this, guys. Stick with me here.

We all grew up watching these cartoons, and at some point during our formative years, we might have had thoughts about these characters. Maybe not in a sexual way, but in a “hey, they are actually attractive” type of way. I just want you to know that you’re not alone, since we’ve all had crushes on weird people at one point, and it’s okay if they are an animated animal. That doesn’t mean you should run to the woods and find said animals, but it means that we can all take comfort in the fact that we were weird AF when we were kids. Also, the people making these movies must have at one point said “let’s make them more attractive” which is pretty weird, IMO, but it happens. If you find the following cartoon characters attractive, just know that you’re not alone.


1. Kovu from The Lion King 2

Who would have imagined being kinda attracted to the lion from The Lion King 2? Is it because he’s evil? Is it those green eyes? The swoopy like hair? Who knows?


2. The Beast from Beauty and The Beast

Belle herself says he has a ~soft side~ and I trust Belle (sort of). He was, at one point, human, which makes this feel a little more acceptable?


3. Judy Hopps from Zootopia

tenor (2)
Judy Hopps is sort of perfect! She is fierce AF and super independent. It’s very normal to have a crush on a Judy-type. Sure, she is a rabbit, but she is also a bad ass crime fighter.


4. Simba from The Lion Kinganimation_of_smiling_simba_by_welppwr-d4um8ri
I mean…he’s so PURE! He has such a good heart! He looks so soft!



5. Larry the Lobster from Spongebob

He’s a lifeguard! What’s not to love?


6. Flick from A Bug’s Life

He was a klutz, but in an endearing way!


7. Hopper from A Bug’s Life

giphy (21)
Yes, he’s evil and takes away food from the less fortunate. But some a certain Gurl writer who shall remain nameless believes that he is “thicc.”


8. Robin Hood from Robin Hood

giphy (22)
How could we NOT include him on this list?!


9. Puss In Boots from Shrek 2

I guess when these characters have accents, they become sort of attractive?


10. Nala from The Lion King

THOSE EYES?! Who does her makeup! Goals.


11. Dutchess from The Aristocats 

She really is a babe, TBH.


12. The Tramp from Lady And The Tramp

He’s got that cute scruffy thing going on!


13. Eva from Wall-E

source (1)

She was so sweet!!!!!


14.  Bagheera from The Jungle Book

giphy (23)

He LOVED that little boy and was always there for him! Whoever dates him will be a lucky jaguar. I think that’s what he is?


15. The Great Prince from Bambi


He was super strong AND powerful. Ideal.


Which characters did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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