7 Back To School Sex And Relationship Goals That Are Actually Doable

The new school year is right around the corner, and you’re probably preparing by buying all your school supplies and finishing up those books that were on your mandatory summer reading list. But are you preparing when it comes to the romance department? Okay, sure, that’s not as important as your studies, but we’re not going to sit here and act as if crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc aren’t going to be on your mind for the next year. Thirst doesn’t just happen in the summertime, sis, you know this.

It’s perfectly normal to have back-to-school goals for that grade in math class, but why not make some back to school goals on the relationship front as well? Check out these seven back-to-school sex and relationship goals that are actually doable. I’m not going to suggest that you make it a goal to make sweet sweet love with the hottest person at your school, okay? There’s nothing wrong with thinking small.

Actually Talk To Your Crush

I know, this can be scary, especially if you two aren't friends already. But you're really psyching yourself up for something that isn't the end of the world. If you're in the same class, ask them about the homework or an upcoming assignment before transitioning into more conversational talk. If you're in the same friend group but aren't super close, find something to talk about that you know you're both interested in, like a TV show or a band. Gauge their responsiveness to you and use that to decide whether you want to keep pursuing this crush of yours. Who knows, maybe your brief convo will be a total turn off.


Don't Get Hung Up About Being A Virgin This Year

A small majority of high schoolers actually graduate without having sexual intercourse. Yes, hard to believe, but incredibly true. So don't make it a goal to lose your v-card this year under some BS expectation that you need to otherwise you'll be some sort of freak. It's truly not that deep. What happens happens. You'll end up disappointing yourself and feeling even worse about yourself if you make this your goal and it doesn't happen or if it ends up being an awful experience. All that hype and build up only to regret it? Naw, avoid.


Avoid F**kboys

You know the ones. I don't even have to describe them, you probably have someone in mind already, don't you? That one guy who kept wasting your time last year. That one guy who only hit you up when he wanted to hook up, and then ignored you. That one guy who you can't stop thinking about but you know you should because they're no good for you. Yup, that one: Avoid him like the plague this year. Give yourself little rewards every week that you manage to avoid his mind games; it'll be the motivation you need to get him off your mind for good.

My So-Called Life

Come Out To Yourself

There's always a big to do about celebrating people who come out of the closet and proudly identify to the world that they're under the LGBTQ umbrella. Those are obviously moments worth celebrating, but people tend to undervalue the courage it takes for people to come out to themselves. A good friend of mine is in her late twenties and only recently admitted to herself that she's a lesbian, and she always wonders how much happier she would have been if she just admitted it to herself in her teens instead of waiting until adulthood. Of course, if you low key feel like this applies to you, you should know that there's no rush! But it won't hurt to make it a goal to accept yourself by the end of the school year.

But I'm A Cheerleader

Don't Mess With Dudes Who Aren't Serious About Safe Sex

This is a good rule of thumb for life in general, obviously. If you're hooking up with a dude who initiates sex but doesn't have protection, move on to the next one or only get back with this guy when he has it together. You cannot trust someone who is going to be careless and unsafe about initiating sex, period. You deserve someone who is more mature; don't hang on to these dudes who somehow haven't gotten the memo that STDs are a thing and that they're probably not the pull-out king they think they are.

Some Girls

Don't Get Hung Up On Dudes Who Won't Text/Call You Back

Most of the time, a dude who doesn't bother texting you back--or a guy who you always have to initiate conversation with--isn't someone who you want to deal with. They're not worth the emotional toil, and you're a masochist if you keep entertaining them. Make it a goal to not get too sprung on the dudes who play you like this. Why waste time on them when there are guys out there who will actually give you the time of day?

Bye Bye Birdie

Be Assertive And Ask Someone Out

Tired: Succumbing to gendered rules about courting people; waiting to be asked out if you're a girl. Wired: Plucking up the courage to ask someone out yourself. Yo, that cute guy from art class? Ask him if he wants to grab some coffee after school sometime. That girl on the soccer team? See if she wants to go to a concert with you sometime. It's scary to do this, I know, but there's also a really exciting rush about it too. It's such a good rush that even if you're turned down, you'll be proud of yourself for at least having the courage to do it. Then, you'll feel less scared to do it again, I promise.


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