15 Millennial Pink School Supplies That Will Make You Want To Go Back To School

At this point, you may feel as though you have maxed out on millennial pink. You know, that pale, dusty, Silly Putty-esque shade of pink that entered the public collective consciousness around 2015 and just…hasn’t left ever since? You know the one. It looks like this:


And this:



And this:


Anyway, you would be forgiven for feeling a little tired (a lot tired, maybe) tired of millennial pink. It’s overexposed! It’s basic! It’s a little boring now, probably! Still, the tenacity of the shade is due almost entirely to one thing–that, as far as colors go, it is an exceptionally soothing one. And, no matter how you may feel about millennial pink on, like, a personal level, that makes it one of the best colors to adhere to when doing some back to school shopping. So, check out these millennial pink school supplies that will give you the perfect aesthetic motivation to go back to school:

1. This planner:

Buy this for $30 from Rifle Paper Co.


2. And, to go with it, this planner kit:


Buy this for$22 from Bando


3. How about these pens?


Buy these for $15 from Amazon


4. Which, naturally, can only be accompanied by this perfectly millennial pink highlighter:


Buy this for $1.65 from JetPens


5. And probably this ice cream pen, too:


Buy this for $1.99 from Yoobi


6.  You can stick ’em all in this pencil holder:


Buy this for $13.99 from Amazon


7.  Or this pencil pouch when you’re on the go:


Buy this for $14 from Bando


8.  You’ll need a place to write things down, obviously–do it in this pen:


Buy this for $16 from Bando


9. Need a lunchbox? Try out this pale pink one from Adidas:


Buy this for $24.99 from Tilly’s


10. Which you can put in this backpack:


Buy this for $45 from Urban Outfitters


11. Drinking coffee on the go? Put it in this rose gold portable mug:


Buy this for $27 from Redbubble


12. And, if you need a water bottle, use this one:


Buy this for $35 from bkr


13. This doughnut tape dispenser is…very cute:


Buy this for $5.99 from Yoobi


14. This folio is an excellent way to keep all your things organized:


Buy this for $45 from Bando


15. And, finally, this tassel keychain is a perfect way to store your keys. Or just to look at! Up to you:


Buy this for $3.49 from Yoobi


What do you think of these school supplies? Are you going to get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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