What Your School Year Will Be Like, Based On Your Sign

I just want to give you a little warning that, yes, the “back-to-school” posts are coming and it’s time to accept that you will have to go back to school at some point within the next few weeks. It’s better to just accept it now than to wait until the day before school starts when you realize that you didn’t pick our your outfit and have no idea what your class schedule looks like. It’s important to prep for this stuff so you don’t get too overwhelmed as soon as school starts. A good way to prep is to keep an eye on your horoscope so that you can see what your school year will REALLY be like.

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Will you make friends? Will you lose friends? Will you finally get discovered as a Musical.ly star and drop out of school? Who knows. Probably not, but you should check on your horoscope anyway to see what is written in the stars for you. Starting out a new school year is scary AF, and it’s good to go back to school knowing SOMETHING, even if it’s just a little thing. Sure, this might not be 100 percent accurate, but sometimes these horoscopes can really surprise you with how true they can get. You never know, I might be predicting your future here! So, if you want to see what your school year will be like, check out your sign! Good luck!


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