10 Realistic Ways To Give Yourself A Makeover For The School Year

There’s something about the beginning of a new school year that makes you really want to be your best self. Maybe it’s the magic of summer vibes that make you feel like anything can happen, maybe it’s all of the back to school commercials that encourage change, or maybe it’s all of the movies and TV shows that show us that some people can arrive to the first day of school looking like a completely different person. Whatever it is, September makeovers are definitely a *thing.* It’s just that, uh, a lot of people never get there.

In June, when you have a few months of doing nothing stretched out ahead of you, this total body makeover seems not only doable, but also inevitable. You have all of these goals and plans, and you can’t wait to head back to a new school year looking the best you’ve ever looked, charming the pants off everyone around you. But as the days go by, you get lazy, or you get caught up in working or being with your friends, or you just think you have more time than you do. Suddenly, it’s two weeks before the first day of class, and you have not changed at all. You’re still just you, and you scramble to do something different.

Obviously, you don’t need a makeover to arrive at school like a total badass. Still, though, it’s normal to kind of want one. You don’t need to become a new person, you just need to make a few tweaks. It’s easier than you’d think! There are some realistic ways to get a makeover before the new school year, even if you feel like you have absolutely no time left. Check ’em out, and get to work:

Wear Your Clothing Items Differently

One of the biggest components of a traditional makeover is getting a whole new wardrobe. Unfortunately, this is expensive and not likely to happen unless your parents are feeling extra generous. If you're able to go out and buy a whole new set of clothes for the school year, go for it! If not, you can still make due with what you have by learning how to style your old favorites in different ways. You know that shirt you always wear with a pair of jeans? Wear it tucked into a skirt instead. That dress you loved? Pull a sweater over it to give it some layers. Your favorite jeans? Wear them with platform shoes instead of sneakers. Wearing each item differently will them look like new and give you a major style update.

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Reshape Your Eyebrows

You would be amazed at how something as simple as shaping your eyebrows can really change your look. If you've never done anything with your eyebrows, start now! Or, do something different - instead of waxing, try plucking. It's a little more gentle on the eye area and much more precise. Make an appointment with a brow expert (not someone from your local nail salon, but someone who specializes in brows) and get them to give you a new shape. It will totally change your look. If you can afford it, doing something like microblading, which can make your brows look more full without daily makeup, is another great idea.

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Get A Haircut

Is it cliche as hell to get a new haircut before the school year? Yeah, but who cares? Getting a fresh cut can make you look more put-together and just completely different. If you really want to make a statement, do something dramatic, like a pixie cut or going from long layers to a lob. If you're not ready for such a huge step, even just getting a trim can make a difference. You can also try adding in layers or snipping some bangs. And if you already have short hair? Add extensions to play around with!

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Get Organized

Becoming a ~new you~ isn't just about how you look on the outside - it's also about your personality and lifestyle. Try getting yourself more organized to project a more put together you. Get yourself a serious planner or make a bullet journal. Start some new habits, like waking up earlier or prepping for the day the night before, or practicing study habits. You might not think others will notice, but they probably will - and more importantly, you'll feel better about your lifestyle.

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Try A New Hairstyle

If a haircut isn't in the cards, at least try a new look with your strands. If you always wear your hair in a ponytail, learn how to blow it out and wear it down more. If you love straightening your hair, wear it textured and curly - and vice versa. If you have natural black hair, consider trying box braids, which is a little more intense than just a hairstyle change, but still awesome. Just try some new styles out!

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Dedicate Your Time To A New Hobby

Part of a makeover is changing up your lifestyle too. Don't just do things you think will make you look better to others - really dedicate your time into something you enjoy. Find a hobby you love and make more time for it, really throwing yourself into it. Having a sense of passion about something shows to others and makes you seem more focused.

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Try A New Hair Color

Not to make this all about hair, but seriously - there's so much you can do with it that will make such a big difference. Trying a new hair color will always grab the attention of others, and it could also make you feel more confident. If you don't want to go too crazy, just get some subtle highlights or lowlights. If you're looking for something a little bit more than that, get a full new shade, like going from blonde to dark blonde or light brown. Then, of course, there is the most bold move: adding in a bright shade, like pastel pink or neon green. Just make sure it's something you love!

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Do Something Different With Your Makeup

Changing up your makeup routine can also make a pretty significant difference. If you always go for a neutral look, try ramping it up a bit - go for a slightly more dramatic eye look, add in a bright lipstick. Or, if you always do a full face of makeup, try making things more subtle. Never worn lipstick before? Try it! It really stands out. It can be something small or something more bold, but either way, people will notice.

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Try At Least One New Trend

For a lot of people, a makeover means trying something that's trendy right at that moment. That's fine if you feel that way! But if you're running low on money, just pick one new trend to try. Make it something you love that is versatile and can be paired with lots of different items. This trend could be an item of clothing, a cool hairstyle, a new pair of shoes... honestly, it's whatever you want. As long as it's something that makes you feel good!

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Get A Spray Tan

Okay, this might sound really lame, but hear me out: a tan can do wonders for someone. Whenever I get tan, I always feel a boost of confidence. Hey, maybe it's just me! But if you feel that way too, then get a spray tan before the first day of school. It's safer than laying out in the sun or lounging in a tanning bed.

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How are you going to make over your look for school? Share in the comments.

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