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So, weirdly enough, it is August now. Isn’t that terrible? No one knows how that happened, and no one could have predicted this (other than, like, by looking at a calendar. And who has time for that?) I maintain that it still feels as though it was literally just Memorial Day, or, at the very least the Fourth of July, which means that the fact that it is technically August is highly offensive to me.

Anyway, August is a fairly pivotal months, as far as months go. You’ll be starting school soon, either in this month or the one following it, which means you have a lot of preparing to do. And, of course, you can’t go into it, like, knowing nothing. There’s no time to waste! Check out your August horoscope to see what the ~stars~ have in store for you this month:

Leo (July 24-August 23)


This is the perfect time to make progress towards your heart’s true desire. Fame and recognition take dedication and focus. Clean up your diet and tend to that royal temple of yours. If you feed and water your body well now you will stay healthy all winter. The month of your birthday can feel a little low, so focus on the details and you will regain your flair for fun. There is a need to get clear about how your special talents can help support the group. Expect sudden changes of direction. Choose the path that will do the most good for the most people. You have a special place in the spotlight. Be a leader. Lead from the heart.


Virgo (August 24-September 23)


You are in your element at the end of this month. It’s great to be so in the groove. Life is so close to perfect. Enjoy. You will have great success making healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. This is the month to get it all perfectly organized. Share your wisdom and know how with the less orderly–you have a gift for doing so. Don’t let the critical thoughts go unnoticed, though, and try to change them to positive. The eclipse will bring changes this month. Having all your ducks in a row will be a helpful when the new comes knocking. Be ready to jump. It’s time.


Libra (September 24-October 23)


You may find your relationships being tested this month. You have an opportunity to learn how to draw the line and put some proper boundaries in place. On the other hand, you may be the one feeling the effects of someone else’s boundaries. This is all good. You are here to learn about balance, justice, harmony and peace. Remember your value, insist on top-notch treatment from everyone in your life, and offer the same. Changes are coming–it’s better for you to decide than to let life decide for you. No choice is actually a choice. You have the grace and charm needed to bring you the beautiful balance you desire.


Scorpio (October 24-November 22)


Your ruling planet Pluto is always urging you to transform. Choose wisely, you have a lot of power at your disposal now–but only for good, any iffy situations you are involved in will surely backfire. Consider the effects of your actions for all involved. Make order in your world. Attend to the details to prepare for a peaceful Autumn. Self care is most important now. The eclipse season is bring sweeping changes, and you may not see them coming. But, hey–a little surprise here and there keeps things interesting. Life will be most interesting in August. Prepare for the new. Walk away from the old.


Sagittarius (November 23-December 22)


This month starts off with the full moon in Aquarius and a lunar eclipse. Changes are coming to bring you where you need to be to do the most good. This month will help you get everything in order. You might feel a little caged in as your obligations increase. Keep freedom as a goal to work towards. You will have more focus and discipline than is usual for your adventurous nature. Remember that fun starts with fundamentals. Use this time to lay the groundwork for a future by your own design.

Capricorn (December 23-January 20)


This month, you are going to get an amazing amount accomplished. Life is zooming in the right direction and all your efforts are paying off! Remember to feel proud and grateful–positive energy will effortlessly multiply. You are riding the wave of productivity. Fortunate connections are popping up everywhere. Build the dream you need and deserve. You can’t do it all alone. The eclipses this month will show you where change is needed most right now. Choose the path that will do the most good for the most people.


Aquarius (January 21-February 19)


Brilliant ideas are flashing through your mind this month. Make sure you capture them somehow so they don’t slip by. You may meet someone very interesting who finds you fascinating too. Remember some people like to dive right into things but it’s best for you to keep some distance. Be honest about this so you don’t lead anyone on. What goes around comes around, so remember the feelings of others, and they will remember yours. Expect sudden changes of direction with the eclipse energy of this month. If you were stuck expect to be unstuck. Life is on your side, smarty pants.


Pisces (February 20-March 20)


There are some serious life issues on the table for you, you are contemplating the cosmos. Feeling for the Earth and humanity is exhausting, which makes you want to escape from it all. You are vulnerable at times like these, to losing hope, and really dropping the ball. If you breathe deeply and whisper for guidance you will be amazed by your wisdom, insight and strength. Your compassion is a healing gift, but first you need to learn to take care of yourself–now is the time to learn this essential skill. There are important eclipses this month. What needs shifting in your life, Pisces? Now it is time to figure it out. Expect positive directions to become clear.

Aries (March 21-April 20)


With Uranus, the planet of swift and radical change, traveling through your sign, you can expect to be doing some major changing over the next few years.This is the month to learn the art of compromise. Put yourself in the shoes of another for best results. Exercising and planting your feet in the dirt will ground your intense energy-this helps prevent headaches and clumsy accidents. The eclipses this month will show you where change is needed most right now. Life is unpredictable, shocking even. Exciting times are in motion.  Fasten your seat belt and look before you leap.


Taurus (April 21-May 21)


This month, eat nourishing foods, organize your space, wash your windows, and prepare your space for the new season. During fall we work to harvest the rewards of our efforts. What seeds did you plant this spring? The ones you nurtured with dedication and Love will be in full bloom ready to enjoy. August is good to you–take care of yourself now and you will be healthy all  fall and winter. There are important Eclipses this month, which are said to be the portal of change.  What needs shifting in your life, Taurus?  Expect light bolt flashes showing you new directions.

Gemini (May 22-June 21)


This month, you will be have enough energy to get heaps of stuff done. You will find you have more follow through than usual so set your priorities and stick with them. Take care of your health with whole natural foods that help ground your electric energy. If you have any writing or communications that needs completion, you have an extra knack for detail now.  Be gentle with the slower thinkers. The eclipses this month are bringing in most exciting change. Expect a total overhaul in your life. Be open to going where you never thought you would go, emotionally, spiritually, and metaphorically.

Cancer (June 22-July 23)


The fiery energy of this time of year is inspiring to you. You can get on top of things! Access the fun and functional. Use this month to get organized and maybe even make some major changes in your diet–start with getting rid of processed food and sugar. Don’t let stale habits hinder you. Taking care of your body, mind, and soul will help you reap the rewards of this season. The eclipses are bringing much needed changes to the world. Unexpected events that shift your direction are possible. Be ready for anything. Pack your valuables. Opportunity just might knock.

Was your horoscope right this month? What insight did it give you? Tell us in the comments!

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