7 Unique Shoe Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall

If you are keeping up with our back-to-school posts, you may notice how important shoes are when it comes to completing your outfit. I, for one, love shoes since they can really transform your look. If you want to add sneakers to a dress, you’ll look sporty and cute instead of fancy. If you add heels to a pair of jeans, you’ll look chic and cool instead of casual. Shoes can really make a difference! It’s totally fine to have a favorite pair you wear constantly, but it’s good to have some variety too. Since fall is approaching, new trends are also on their way, and I’m going to help you REALLY amp up your look for the school year.

As we transition into back to school and into autumn, we have to start adjusting our wardrobes accordingly. It’s time to put away those cute sandals and flip flops, and start shopping for booties and thigh-high boots. Of course, there are the classic options, but it’s always good to find at least one new trend to try out. Even though it’s cooler out, fall is still an in-between season, so you really have a lot of versatility. You don’t have to jump right into boots once September rolls around! There are some cool shoe trends that you need to try out besides your trusty combat boots – trust me. Here are some of them:

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