7 Sexy Pieces Of Lingerie Based On Your Favorite Fictional Characters

Underwear is something that most of us wear, even though we rarely ever see it since it’s, you know, under our clothes. Lingerie, on the other hand, is just a fancy word for underwear that your bae will probably see at some point. It’s normally super lacey and ~sexy~ and makes you feel good! It isn’t really meant to be worn for a very long time since, you know, it will end up on your bedroom floor at some point either when you’re having sex or going to bed at 9 PM. on a Saturday (I won’t judge for either option). But in the world of lingerie, there are are a lot of options when it comes to what type you can wear. And recently, there have been some, uh, very unique options on the lingerie department.

Sure, you could go for the basic Victoria’s Secret route and grab some plain old lingerie, but don’t you want to go all out and try something really different? How about THEMED lingerie? I mean, sure, it’s a little weird to dress up as your favorite characters in a sexual way, but hey, you do you. If you want to dress up as a sexy Wonder Woman, go for it! If you feel empowered by wearing a Little Red Riding Hood thong, by all means you should. If you want to try out some of these wild types of underwear, check them out below.

Which type of lingerie is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

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