7 Genius Sex Positions To Try In A Dorm Room

You will experience a lot of things when you go to college: you will find new friends, make new enemies, learn how much campus food you can actually eat without dying, etc. You will also have to learn how to compromise. You will be sharing a small room with others, which can be hard to get used to. Not only that, but you might even meet a new ~bae~ (gasp!) and want to get it on with them in your dorm. Heck yeah! But how do you do that when your dorm barely fits your shoe collection?! It’s hard, I know, no pun intended.

It’s time to get smart when it comes to your sex positions. You’re going to have to utilize the space you have and do your best to have a good time, even though you live in a literal closet. The first thing you have to do is set up some sort of system with your roommates. Are you going to have a “signal” for when you need the room? Are you going to have a certain time of day where the room is yours? Are you going to just have sex with them in the room? JK, don’t do that, PLEASE. Once you figure out a system, then you and your partner/bae/FWB can try out these dorm-approved sex positions. Have fun! Be safe!

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