8 Glossier Products That Are Actually Worth The Hype

Glossier just released a new pressed powder and brush set called Wowder. And, to say that my social media feeds have been flooded with people sharing their Glossier referral links left and right in response to this news would be an understatement. Whether you’ll want to spend $22 on .25 ounces of product is, of course, up to you; but Glossier has a really amazing way of making any product they release feel captivating, regardless of its practicality. Their millennial pink look is aesthetically pleasing, they use racially diverse models from the palest porcelain to the richest brown, and their social media accounts are total eye candy, miles ahead of the average beauty brand’s. They’ve also established themselves as a brand that embraces a fresh face look in a beauty industry inundated by heavy matte makeup and extreme contouring. It’s no wonder Glossier is popular! I mean, in just a few short years they’ve become one of the most hyped beauty brands around. But they’re also the target of some–in my opinion, understandable–skepticism: Are Glossier’s products really worth the hype, or are they sailing on aesthetics alone?

Personally, I think their “cool girl” branding has a lot to do with their success; like, a lot. I’ve heard some pretty candid reviews about some of their most popular products which can be summed up to a resounding “…eh.” But don’t get me wrong: Despite my side-eye, I’ve tried Glossier products that I absolutely love and recommend to anyone I can. Check out these eight Glossier products that are actually worth the hype so that you know what to cop (and what to avoid) the next time you’re browsing their site.

What Glossier products do you swear by? Which have been disappointing? Tell us in the comments!

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