17 Fun Chalkboard DIYs For Your Dorm

We’re officially into August now. And for most of us, that means that panic of school starting soon has kicked in. We can brush it off through July, but as soon as August 1 hits, we can’t deny it anymore. Still, there’s no need to totally freak out. We still have at least a month left of summer holidays. And that’s over 30 days to chill, hang with bae, and work on dorm room DIYs.

The best dorm DIYs make your dorm room look less, well, less like the standard everyone-has-the-same-thing dorm. And the best ones also help keep you organized. I recently wrote about cool corkboard DIYs that you can create to keep all your junk notes together, and I’m continuing with the theme by presenting the best chalkboard DIYs.

Chalkboard DIYs have a nostalgic vibe, they’re easy to do, and they’ll keep track of your assignments and extracurricular activities. Because as great as the calendar on your phone is, it’s not as cute as a blackboard DIY. Check out 17 of the cutest chalkboard DIYs below.

1. It’s a chalkboard pineapple. Do I need to say anything more? Nope.




2. Dorms don’t have a lot of space, so use all that wall space to its full potential by combining a chalkboard with hanging organizers. I love the slot for the phone.




3. You definitely don’t want to paint your school’s dorm furniture with blackboard paint, but you can find a cheap coffee table at a flea market or a secondhand shop. And you’re free to paint it with whatever you like.




4. Why have just any old chalkboard when you can have a chalkboard calendar? 




5. Adding a frame around a chalkboard can take it from boring to amazing in just a few simple steps.




6. Calling all dog lovers: This is your DIY. The bones are also great for writing longer to-do lists as opposed to bullet points.




7. They’re not lying. It really is a chalkboard and a corkboard. And it has a pretty blue frame.




8. Choose your favorite animal and turn it into a blackboard shape. I love the way this is displayed with the natural string.




9. Because sometimes we want a chalkboard and a corkboard. And we also want them to look cute together.




10. Sometimes a dinky chalkboard just isn’t going to cut it. If you like to write big and you have a massive to-do list, this is your blackboard.




11. It’s not technically a board, but why limit yourself? Have a stone for each thing that you have to do. When you complete something, remove the stone and you will feel so satisfied. 




12. This could work anywhere from a wedding to a restaurant to your dorm room. Displaying it in a frame holder means you can move your chalkboard wherever you like.




13. We had a DIY for dog lovers so it’s only fair that I also include one for cat lovers.




14. This has a cool fairy tale vibe. Keep an eye out for fallen trees so you can create this DIY. Or ask your dad if he has a random stump somewhere. Knowing dads, he probably does.




15. Forget about the kid in the photo. This DIY is so cute that you need to try it out. Remember to keep your chalks in the basket.




16. Does looking at your to-do list all the time give you anxiety? Try this DIY and you can always shut the lid when you don’t want to see the six different assignments you have left to do.




17. How cute is this idea? Just imagine it strung around your dorm room. You can always make the birds bigger or smaller, depending on how much you’re going to have to write on them.




What chalkboard DIY is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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