15 Things You Can Only Understand If You’re A Millennial

At this point in your life, chances are pretty good that you’ve managed to withstand your fair share of abuse from some of the older people in your life because of what they assume you have done, simply by being a millennial. You are familiar with the many things millennials have ruined for everyone else, I assume? Things like breakfast cereal, the golf industry, and marriage?

Of course, the millennial label has a lot more nuance than this–like, if you’re a teenager now, you’re technically not even a millennial, despite what your grandparents might say. But, when it’s being applied to you by, like, an old, cranky person, you can basically assume that it’s being used as a blanket term for a young person who uses a smartphone, takes the occasional selfie, and has maybe gone to brunch and ordered an avocado toast while you were there. So, whether you are a true millennial or someone everyone else just assumes is a millennial, you’ll probably relate to all of these things anyway:

1. You would die for the ‘cado toast:



2. You revel in the knowledge that, actually, there is no future:



3. You love your phone more than life itself:


4. What’s a “cow?”


5. A “book?” Can’t relate!!!!


6. Ruining institutions is…bae:


7. Almost as bae as selfie sticks:


8. And finding the like button on that binch!!! (A baby):


9. You’re cool with waiting a little bit for a table at brunch:

10. Because, at the end of the day, you, like most millennials are going to be forced to harvest organs on Tinder:


11. Lol?



12. Of course, if there is one thing that is universally appealing to the millennial, it is being a special snowflake:


13. And makin’ babies with a computer (the sexiest part here is that you can actually afford a printer that works):


14. There are idiot millennials…and wise millennials:

15. Though, at the end of the day, the question remains–which generation is really the wiser one?


Are you also a millennial? Did you ~totally~ relate to these things? Let us know in the comments!

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