15 Surprising Things Your Professors Won’t Care About In College

High school and college may be about education, but they are two different beasts. College comes with a lot of independence. You don’t have your parents to guide you or make decisions for you. Remember parental permission forms in high school? Those don’t exist in college because you’re a proper adult. And just like parents aren’t there, college professors aren’t there in the same way as teachers were in high school.

It could sound a bit harsh, but the truth is that high school teachers sometimes babied us. After all, we were kids, still learning, and we weren’t out in the world ourselves. In college, you’re the one paying massive amounts of money to be there and professors usually feel that what you do (or don’t do) is your choice. After all, they’re not going to be the ones out 20K if you flunk out.

Obviously, the situations will vary depending on the school, the size of the lecture, the course, and each individual prof, but there are some differences about high school teachers compared to college professors. Take a look at 15 surprising things your professors won’t care about in college.

1. Whether you’re late to class.



Remember how you would have to get a stupid late slip if you were a minute late for class? That sort of thing doesn’t exist in college. You can roll in five, 15, or 50 minutes late, and your prof won’t care. However, don’t expect to hand in your assignment late, because they will care then.


2. What you’re wearing.



Go on, wear your pajamas, that crop top, that beanie, and that “adult humor” pin. Your professor isn’t there to enforce any sort of dress code. I’m sure you could show up in a wedding gown and they would continue droning on about 18th century history.


3. Whether you show up at all.



Like I said before, you paid for the class, so if you don’t go, it’s your problem. Your prof is still going to get paid whether you show up or not. And you failing isn’t going to affect them.


4. Your name.



I know this might sound harsh, but it can be true, especially in bigger colleges. When you have 500 students in a lecture, there’s no way your prof is going to attempt to learn even half of the students’ names. After all, everyone will be out of the class in 13 weeks.


5. How well you’re doing.



Remember your cool English teacher who seemed to be genuinely concerned about how well you were doing in the course? Well, that’s probably not going to happen in college. TBH, your prof probably won’t even care if your grade is 16 percent. If you’re not doing well, it’s up to you to go to your prof to discuss it.


6. Whether you’re chewing gum in your class. 



There was just something about gum that made high school teachers go crazy. It didn’t matter whether you had onion breath or you were chewing your gum with your mouth closed. Chewing gum was as bad as showing up to class in a bra. In college, you can chomp that gum all you want. In fact, you can pretty much eat anything provided it’s not super smelly.


7. Whether you’re on your phone. The. Entire. Time.



Were phones banned at your high school? Or maybe there were very strict rules about them being hidden during class. Well, in college, you can have that phone out openly and you can be Snapchatting away and your prof will probably not give two hoots about it.


8. Whether you hand in an assignment.



College professors aren’t there to babysit you. If you don’t hand in your assignment, they’re not going to chase you for it. Truthfully, the only time they will take any notice of it is when they add a big fat zero next to your name.


9. Whether you’re sick.



If you miss a class because you’re sick, don’t expect your professor to email you to inquire about your health. And definitely don’t expect them to send notes and important points from the lecture you missed. If you missed a class, it’s up to you to contact your prof and/or classmates to catch up.


10. Whether you’re sleeping during the lecture.



Putting your head down on your desk in high school was a massive no-no, even if you were fully awake. In college, the majority of profs don’t care if you’re there with your hood up, catching up on some zzz’s. After all, the only one who really is losing is you. You paid for that lecture.


11. Whether you don’t understand something.



Your college professor isn’t going ask for a show of hands to see if everyone understands something before continuing on. They’re just going to keep on going with the lesson. If you don’t get a concept, you’re going to have to speak up now or after class.


12. Whether you are wearing your coat.



Remember that ridiculous rule in high school how you could not wear your coat in class, no matter how cold it was? Your college prof definitely isn’t going to stop a lecture because you’re wearing a coat.


13. How you format your notes.



Remember how some of your high school teachers wanted you to write your notes in a really specific way, even though they never bothered to look at them? College professors don’t care about your notes. Heck, they don’t even care if you take them.


14. Whether you’ve finished copying down a slide.



Your college prof is not going to ask if everyone has copied down a slide before moving on. They have a lecture to finish and they’re going to keep on going, no matter how fast your pen is scribbling.


15. Whether you leave early.



Do you have to jet to finish an assignment? Leave that lecture early and your prof probably won’t bat an eyelash. Just imagine trying to walk out in high school…that would have gone well. Not.


What things surprised you most about college? Let us know in the comments!

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