15 Practical But Cute Summer Hairstyles To Wear When You’re Sweaty AF

Getting your hair to look cute and presentable in the summer can be extremely difficult. This is a struggle that speaks to me on a spiritual level – I have naturally wavy/curly hair that does whatever it wants the second humidity hits, and I live on Long Island where it is both hot, humid, and full of salty seawater that does… uh, interesting things to my strands. Add to this the feeling of being sweaty AF, and I’m left with a mop of hair that often looks less than great. Since I can’t just leave it down like I usually do, I’m left trying to figure out hairstyles that are practical, but still look cute. 

This, of course, mostly just leads to the usual suspects: a boring ponytail or a messy bun. These are fine, it’s just that sometimes I like to switch it up – and I’m sure you do too. There are options, though, and they’re all over Pinterest. I did the work for you, and found some summer hairstyles that are ideal for the days you’re so sweaty you can’t even think about letting one lock of hair fall onto your neck. Check out these hairstyles to wear when you’re sweaty. They’ll keep you cool, they won’t turn into a frizz ball as soon as you step outside, and they aren’t too hard to accomplish on your own.

1. Messy Bun



If you want to keep things simple, a messy bun is your best bet. If you’re not sure how to do that, this tutorial is super easy to follow.


2. Chevron Side Twist



If you just got out of the shower and it’s too hot to even think about drying your hair, just style it while it’s wet! This side twist is a cute idea.


3. Double Dutch Braid Buns



The braids up the back keep your hair from falling down, and the two buns give the style a cute and quirky look.


4. Fishtail Ponytail



If a regular old braid and ponytail is getting boring, try a fishtail ponytail instead. It’s chic and so cool looking.


5. Pull Through Braid Chignon 



If you’re going somewhere and have to dress up, this braided chignon is stylish enough to dress up.


6. Dutch Braid Top Knot



Make a top knot more interesting with a Dutch braid to keep it all in place.


7. Easy Knotted Updo 



These little knots are another easy and chic way to keep your hair off your neck and face when dressing up to go somewhere – and they’re just as good worn casually.


8. Double Fishtail Ponytail



Ensure your hair won’t budge with this double fishtail ponytail.


9. Braided Bun



A braid up the back into a bun is an easy update on a classic style.


10. Bubble Ponytail



This super easy ponytail just requires a few more elastics to look very cool.


11. No Slip Bun



Make sure your bun doesn’t budge all day with this little trick.


12. Knot Bun



A knotted bun like this one is incredibly easy to do when you’re running late.


13. Braid Crown



This is slightly more complicated, but so fun.


14. Unpolished Bun



Add a cool hair accessory for a chic look.


15. Braided Low Bun



Do two Dutch braids into a low bun for something different.


Which one of these hairstyles is your favorite? How do you do your hair in the summer? Share in the comments!

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