6 Ways To Actually Turn Things Around This School Year

At this point in the summer, chances are good that you’ve gotten to a  level in which your thoughts have begun to turn towards what things will be like when it’s not summer anymore. Or, to be more exact, what things will be like during the upcoming school year. Maybe you’ve begun fantasizing about getting all A’s in the fall, or finally auditioning for the school play or trying out for the tennis team, or finally talking to that person you’ve had classes with for years and thought was lowkey cute, but weren’t exactly sure what to say.

This is normal! Most people spend at least some portion of their summer thinking about what they’re going to do once it’s over. It’s cool. The only problem is that, most of the time, it ends up being just that–thoughts. Not real action. This is fine if you’re into thinking idle thoughts–and, really, who isn’t?–but if you prefer actual change, you’re going to have to make an effort. So, check out these ways to actually change things this school year:


Get Supplies That Inspire You

Obviously, school supplies won't singlehandedly turn everything around for you. Like, we all fantasize about that one planner or one set of gel pens that, once you get them, will turn you into a straight-A student, but, in reality, it takes more than that. (It takes things like "hard work" and "discipline," apparently.) Still, getting school supplies that make you happy and excited to go back to school definitely can't hurt, so use care when you're picking out supplies.

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Write Down Your Goals For the Year

Have you had a bunch of different ideas about what you want to achieve this school year floating through your head at random over the summer? If so, write them down! Goals are much easier to achieve if you have them written out. So, if you think of something when you're out and about, write it down on your phone. Then, look though the things you've thought of and make a physical list (and, if you want, you can put it up on your wall. This way, you can visualize what you want to achieve.

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Clean Your Room

Like, a big clean. A purge, if you will. Go through every space in your room that you might not have cleaned out in years--your closet, under your bed, your desk, your night stand--and methodically clear out anything you haven't used recently. You won't want to do this once the school year gets started, but doing it now will help ensure that your room will be a nice, clutter-free zone that won't distract you during the school year.

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Organize It, Too

Purging is nice. But if you want to make it really effective, you should probably set up some sort of organization system, too. Make sure your clothes are put away in a manner that makes sense, organize your book shelf, and make sure that your desk (if you have one) actually works as a space where you can do homework.

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Start Easing Into Your Classes Now

No, you don't have to start, like, doing homework right now. But if your teachers have already posted a syllabus or reading guide online, you'll definitely benefit from looking it over. It will help get you familiar with the material, your expectations for the year, and, perhaps, your teacher or professor's grading style, so you'll feel just a little more prepared walking into class on the first day.

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Get Prepared For Any Extracurriculars

You Want To Do Maybe this is the year you're finally going to try out for the volleyball team or the school play. If so, you need to have a plan in order so you don't flake on yourself when the actual day arrives. So, figure out what you need to do, whether it's finding a monologue or perfecting a killer serve, and practice it so that when the tryout day comes, you're ready.

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Are you going back to school? Do you have any tips for making it better? Let us know in the comments!

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