15 Tiny Relationship Goals That Anyone Can Do

If you have ever looked at a “relationship goals”-adjacent social media account (you know, like, this Instagram, this Twitter, and this Facebook page) chances are good that it has managed to elicit at least one sort of response from you–that there is no way, ever ever ever, that you would ever do anything that those couple appear to love doing.

Like, you could never do this:


Or this:Untitled-2

Or this:Untitled-3

I mean, I assume. Like, would it be nice to have these things done for you? Of course! But, given that most people don’t have the means to lead this lifestyle, it’s pretty unlikely. Still, just because these gestures of affection are grand and extravagant, this doesn’t mean that everything someone does in a relationship has to be that way. In fact, some things are better if they’re smaller. So, check out these tiny relationship goals that everyone can do:

1. Like, I don’t know. This:



2. Or this:



3. The circumstances here are, um, unique, but the attitude behind it is worthy of imitation:



4. Meal prep shouldn’t be, like, expected. But it’s nice!


5. This!!!


6. The sweetest declaration of love that there has ever been!



7. I mean, you have to be a bird for this one. But you get the idea:



8. Friends can be relationship goals, too!


9. Amazing!



10. Sometimes, all it takes is a text:



11. Or something a little extra:


12. Or a LOT extra:


13. Welp:


14. Sweet!



15. And, finally, here is the only relationship goal you’ll ever need:

What do you think of these goals? Would you do any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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