7 Wild Disney Conspiracy Theories You Need To See

As someone who reads a LOT of conspiracy theories, I think that my favorite ones revolve around things from my childhood, specifically TV shows. I grew up watching a lot of Disney Channel shows, so when I revisit them at an older age, I am always shocked to learn about the weird and far-fetched conspiracy theories that actually make a little bit of sense. I’m not saying that I believe every single theory on the internet (I actually don’t believe most of them, but whatever) but some of them DO make some interesting points.

Sure, a lot of these come from people with waaaay too much time on their hands (me) and are read by people who like to freak themselves out (also me) but they can be kind of fun to read, if you like ruining your adolescence! I’ve already shown you all of the creepy Nickelodeon theories, so it makes sense that now I am going to let you in on all of the Disney Channel conspiracy theories that have been circulating the internet. Check them out below. You’re welcome!!

What do you think of these theories? Tell us in the comments!

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