16 Tumblr Posts About Sex That Will Make You Scream Because They’re So True

One of the greatest things about Tumblr is how inappropriate it can get. Because, let’s be honest, a dirty sense of humor is the best sense of humor, especially when you can laugh at it from the comfort of your own home, without anyone judging you. There are too many amazing Tumblr posts to count, but some of the best are the ones that are about sex. This is because they are often so true that it feels like someone has hacked your brain and created the post from your own thoughts, which is just the best thing about finding a good meme.

If you’ve ever had sex, then you’ll appreciate the below thoughts on the act. This is especially true if you are quiet and keep to yourself and you would never dream of saying these things out loud. It’s kind of comforting to know other people can be as inappropriate as your innermost thoughts, you know? So, check out these hilarious Tumblr posts about sex that are so true they’ll make you scream out loud. In a good way!

1. An actual photo of… well… you get it:



2. TBH guys should take note:



3. This runs through your mind a little too often:



4. Sometimes you just get distracted:



5. If you say “daddy” then you get it:



6. Raise your hand if you know the real reason for the pineapple:



7. You’re not just going to FORGET about everything because he’s turned on



8. The accuracy is SO REAL:



9. Kinky AF:



10. When you try to start sexting but, uh, you fail:



11. When you misunderstand the question:



12. When you’re just not in the mood.



13. You are literally both of these people:



14. When you keep sleeping with the wrong person:



15. You’re a little shy:



16. You after dark:


Which one of these posts is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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