Why Calling Yourself Lazy Is Bad For Your Health

I will start this post out with a little disclaimer that, yes, I am a very lazy person and will not deny it. I am tired all the time and I frequently cancel plans with my friends so that I can lay in bed and watch Netflix. It’s time we all embrace it, right? Well…maybe not. I know I always talk about how being a ~lazy girl~ isn’t terrible, but actually considering yourself as a lazy person might not be a good idea.

According to a new study in the journal Health Psychology, people who see themselves as lazy are at a greater risk of an early death than people who see themselves as active. The study featured data that was taken from over 61,000 Americans in 1990. According to the researchers, individuals who “perceived themselves as less active than other people their age had an up to 71 percent higher mortality risk than those who perceived themselves as more active.” In fact, many of those participants had died before 2012, 22 years after the original data was gathered.

Okay, this sounds kind of confusing, so let me explain. In 1990, before we were all born (probably), the CDC conducted a national health survey that asked participants if they viewed themselves as active or inactive. Those who considered themselves inactive or lazy seemed to die earlier.


Obviously, there are a lot more variables to take into account here. People could have been lying on their surveys, or they could have had underlying health conditions. But it brings up interesting issues: can perceiving yourself in a negative light have a bad affect on your health? According to this study, yes. The researchers came to this conclusion: “The less active individuals perceived themselves to be, as compared with other people their age, the more likely they were to die in the follow-up period.” According to another study conducted in 2015, people who think they are less active than their peers are less likely to take up healthier habits. So, it seems to really depend on the person here.

So, are you going to die before all of your ~fit~ friends? It’s impossible to tell. What I can say is that if you are a teenage girl living in America, odds are good that you are working hard at something, whether it be school, sports, or calling out f***boys on Twitter. It’s okay to give yourself some credit and not consider yourself lazy. Sure, I said I was lazy above, but I DID spend time writing this post, so does that mean I’m actually lazy? IDK, guys. The moral of this post? Do you. Even if you think you are lazy, as long as you’re doing your best it’s okay. I’m not saying that you should sit on your couch all day and watch Netflix, but it’s okay to take it easy every once in a while, I promise.

Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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