10 Popular Romantic Movies That Are Actually Really Disturbing

It’s no surprise to anyone that Hollywood has a way of making disturbing moments seem weirdly adorable. There are tons of examples of fictional storylines that seem cute and romantic when we’re watching them being acted out by gorgeous, larger than life celebrities, but that actually seem very creepy when you think about them happening to you in real life. I mean, think about something like The Little Mermaid. It’s my favorite Disney movie of all time, but even I can admit it’s weird for a guy to fall in love with a girl he just met who can’t speak.

A lot of people act like these disturbing “romantic” stories are no big deal since they’re fake and not claiming to be relationship advice, but that’s, uh, not really true. See, we might be aware that we’re watching something that’s been rehearsed a dozen times, but it still gets into our brains and affects the way we think about dating in general. Romantic comedies are definitely one of the reasons guys think they’re supposed to relentlessly pursue the girl they like even if she says she’s not interested – we’re all so used to seeing that play out in a positive way on the big screen!

So, this Ask Reddit thread about popular romantic movies that are actually very disturbing is more important than you might think. This one covers the movies you haven’t thought about as creepy before – and some of them will change the way you watch them forever:

The Swan Princess

I'll be honest: I've never seen The Swan Princess. So, I'll leave it to user Robinspeakeasy to explain. She says, "The way Derek obsesses over finding Odette in The Swan Princess creeps me out a bit. I mean, while you are interrogating her father about her kidnapping, you could try getting help for the poor old man WHO IS DYING. And forcing servants to be your moving targets on their day off? No bueno."

The Notebook

I'll be the first to admit that I've seen The Notebook more times than I can count, and that I've cried during every single one of those times. I also fell in love with Ryan Gosling during the movie and hoped to have someone love me that much one day. But now when I watch it, I look at it with a bit of amusement because it is so over the top and, well, weird. User ZuzzleGuzzle says one of the movies she thinks is the most is disturbing is, "The Notebook. Ryan Gosling had to hang from a ferris wheel to get her to go out with him, which is basically the modern day equivalent of 'if you break up with me I'll kill myself.'" Sigh. It's true. My beloved Ryan displayed some effed up behavior here.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

This is another one of my all time favorite movies and even just mentioning it here made me want to watch it. That said, I couldn't ignore that it has creepy aspects. User Patron_Saint says, "Crazy Stupid Love has that whole 'keep chasing her until she loves you' bullshit." In movies, the guy chasing the girl relentlessly thing comes off as cute and something you want IRL. But when it actually happens? It can be annoying and even dangerous.


There are a lot of negative things to be said about the classic Disney movies, but I've always wondered about this major plot. User kirsten1980 says, "Cinderella. A woman who was so beautiful and who captured the heart of the prince can't be identified by her beau in any other way than by her feet. Are you telling me that not ONE person in that town had the same sized feet?" Seriously... why was this so hard?!

50 First Dates

Remember watching this Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore film and absolutely loving it? Yeah, well, the whole story is actually weird AF. User MuppetManiac says, "50 First Dates seemed ridiculously creepy to me. Particularly the end where she like, wakes up married to some guy she doesn't remember with a kid - but it's ok, because she has a tape?" The ending kind of messed up the whole film, TBH.

She's The Man

I love the movie She's The Man and I think there are actually some great messages in it. But I guess this user makes a point ShadowWriter says, "I recently rewatched She's the Man (don't judge me) and I just cannot get over the amount of physical abuse inflicted on the male characters like it's no big deal. The female characters are constantly hitting and slapping them. It's awful."

The Fault In Our Stars

One of the most romantic movies in the last few years is thought to be The Fault In Our Stars, a tearjerker that will make you cry even if you actually didn't like the story (it happened to me). One girl explains why it's actually creepy. catty_wampus says, "I was really shocked by how bizarre The Fault In Our Stars movie was (having not read the book but heard a lot of hype). The guy is cocky, arrogant, renames her, video game junkie, all around not attractive (in personality). I understand it took his over-the-top personality to pull her out of her depression, but I was just really surprised."

Sixteen Candles

It's very normal for an older film to seem totally dated when it comes to the way they discuss sex and gender and dating and all of that. Still, even with that in mind, something about Sixteen Candles is just disturbing. User Hipster-Aurora explains, "Sixteen Candles is usually thought of as a hilarious romantic teen comedy with a sweet couple. But as an adult I seriously fear for Sam Baker. Jake might look cute and he's ~sensitive~ for a degree... but he only objected to date raping his girlfriend because he wasn't attracted to her anymore, and also let a hormonal teenage boy he barely knew drive said girlfriend home when she was passed out still."

Sex And The City

There are a million disturbing things about the relationship between Carrie and Big, which I think was supposed to be goals? Some of the most frustrating things come from the Sex and The City movie. User annaindila says, "When Big sent Carrie hundreds of love letters (written by someone else) after leaving her at the altar. Really, how would anyone response to that in real life?" I mean, HOW could she back together with him after he humiliated her like that?!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is clearly not a movie, but deserves a mention. User PandorasTrunk explains why Buffy The Vampire Slayer is questionable, saying, "Watching Buffy as an adult made me realize that the Buffy/Angel relationship was wrong on so many levels. Even if we can believe that Angel stopped mentally aging when he became a vampire, that would still make him 26-years-old. He started pining after Buffy when she was 15. They started dating when she was 16. Ew."

Which one of these movies do you find the creepiest? What do you disagree with? Spill in the comments.

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