15 Anti-Jokes That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

At this point, I have to admit that I don’t know why anything makes me laugh these days. I say this not because the state of the world has become so dark and depressing that I find it disrespectful to laugh at anything (although there is certainly some of that going on right now!), but rather because I literally just do not know how to predict what might make me laugh. I laugh all the time, of course, but I never exactly know what it will be.

Take, for example, these new baby Teletubbies. To me, they are hilarious. Why? I just don’t know!

You see? It’s confusing. But something that has been consistently making me laugh over the past couple of months are anti-jokes and anti-memes. These are basically jokes that serve as a response to the meme culture of today, in which pretty much everything is steeped in a suffocating amount of irony and self-awareness. Anti-memes, on the other hand, are meant to be taken at face value–which, when compared with other memes, makes them feel even more ironic and absurd. So, check out these anti jokes that might make you confused AF…but also will probably make you laugh:

1. Gotta have my java 🙂



2. This one speaks to me!



3. Nice:

4. These are some family values I can get behind:

Ha! #meme #antimeme #family #laugh

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5. Say no more, fam:



6. Bone apple tea!!!



7. Ah, yes:



8. Meta!

Behind the scenes

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9. It’s okay if this hurts your brain a little bit:

10. So wholesome:



11. …hmmm:

#antimeme #meme

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12. Help!!!



13. Sometimes, a compliment can mean more than you ever thought it would:

14. What does it mean??

15. Anyway. Have a blessed day!
What do you think of these jokes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I’m sorry, but not a single one of memes did anything for me at all.