7 Surprising Facts About Your Social Life In Your Freshman Year Of College

It’s impossible not to come into college with certain expectations of what your life will be like on campus. Maybe you low key fantasize about becoming BFFs with your roommate, or chillin’ in the library with a group of like minded book nerds, or meeting a college boo at a tacky frat party, chillin’ on the grassy quad with some dude who can only play “Wonderwall” on his acoustic guitar, etc. Well, the reality is going to be different, let me assure you. It might be better or worse than you expect, but it’ll definitely be different.

Personally, the first semester of my freshman year of college was pretty awful. I had fleeting friendships and never really made any close, lasting connections with anyone, which was nuts because I usually make friends really easily. Things got better in the following years, but I really didn’t expect my social life to be so unpredictable or to feel like like such a loner for those first few months! But whether you’re a social butterfly or end up awkwardly eating alone in the cafeteria, check out these seven surprising facts about your social life in college that you won’t expect.

You'll Befriend People In Freshman Year Who You Won't Really Talk To After That

Everyone who has gone to college has a story like this: You'll grow really close to someone or a group of people in your freshman year and you'll think you'll be besties for the rest of forever. Fast forward to your second year of college and you're not really going out of your way to hang out with those friends, and those friends aren't really going out of your way to hang out with you. This is a big difference from high school, where you maintain friendships for a lot longer. In college, they can be super fleeting. You connect with someone after your class, have an in depth conversation with them, and then end up only saying "hey" to each other in passing from then on out. It's usually nothing personal! Sure, maybe you'll have a falling out, but the truth is that you're just so busy in college that even something like maintaining a friendship can be tough, especially if you're not around them all the time.

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Partying Really Isn't Everything

Sure, maybe you'll be a party animal, but chances are you aren't going to go to a frat party every weekend, and even if you do, they won't be as fun as you think they are. They get really old, really quickly, their novelty running out faster than the air in a deflating balloon. You'll probably end up having and relishing small kick backs with a few friends more than massive parties that look like they came out of a movie.


You Won't See Your High School Friends Nearly As Much As You Hope

Maybe you and a friend from high school go to colleges that are a train or bus ride away. You two promise to hang out as much as possible because, hey, you're SO close, right? You two might mean well, but you probably won't be doing as much visiting as you think. You'll both end up getting super caught up with homework and revising for that lecture class from hell; the idea of a vacation out of town or having to entertain your friend will be daunting. Plus, maybe you'll develop friendships at school that you'll want to build on and you'll feel less like you need to travel to see a friend when you have some new ones right down the hall. Your best bet is to meet up during a school break or when you know your schedule will be light.


You'll Value Your Alone Time More Than You Think

One of the best things about college is that it feels like a never ending sleepover with your friends and peers just down the hall. One of the worst things about college is that it feels like a never ending sleepover with your friend and peers just down the hall. By this I mean that as cool as it is that you can hang out with your friends with the press of an elevator button, or with a quick dash across campus, hanging out with someone all the time becomes exhausting. This is especially true if you're sharing a dorm room with one or two other people. You'll relish alone time so much, in a way you just won't expect. Even you social butterflies will want to get the eff away from everyone for a while.

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Drinking Culture Is Going To Have A Major Impact On Your Social Life

Every college has a different drinking (and drug) culture, and you need to be careful not to fall into one in which the only way you're having fun is if you and your friends are taking swigs out of a bottle of vodka. But the truth is that for a lot of your friends, any social gathering is basically code for "we're going to get drunk and do such and such." You'll learn your limits really quickly; stick to them!

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You Might Not Have As Much Sex As You Think

TV and movies make college seem like a 24/7 sex den. It's...really not. Yes, sure, plenty of people are having sex, but plenty of people also aren't, or are hooking up very infrequently. Don't feel like a weirdo if you're not swimming in hook ups...you're definitely not alone.


You'll Be Friends With People You Would Have Never Been Friends With In High School

One of the biggest surprises about college, especially in your freshman year, is discovering that you're becoming friends with people you probably wouldn't have even thought of associating with in high school. Maybe you were a cheerleader, and out of nowhere you're super close to some goth-lite chick in your literature course. Or you were a bit of a cool weirdo in high school and never thought you would be friends with a super girly girl type and then--BAM--you're regularly hanging out with a girl who wants to be in a sorority more than anything. These relationships will throw you for a loop, but don't think about what your old self would have thought. Embrace the weirdness!

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What are you most looking forward to as a college freshman? what are you most freaked out by? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Personally, if I go to college, most likely I’d be more into the academic pursuits rather than social gatherings… I’d like a good, well-paying job, and I wouldn’t want to ruin my chances of that with randomly socializing, when I could open up the books and get to work!