16 Backpacks That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Throughout most of my high school career, I wore a tote bag to school, since I thought that backpacks were too clunky and geeky looking. I didn’t realize that tote bags, despite looking chic and cool, are actually a terrible way to hold your books. For instance, tote bags don’t evenly distribute the weight of your books and school supplies, so you are forced to keep this heavy tote balanced on one of your shoulders, which seriously hurts. Also – walking through crowded hallways with a big and heavy tote is not the best idea. So, once I got to college, I was reintroduced to the beauty of the backpack, and have never gone back to totes (besides for beach bags, of course).

The problem with backpacks is that they can be a little silly, or even make you look like a turtle. They are much better for your back and your body, but, up until recently, they were pretty boring looking. Luckily for you, backpacks are making a bit of a comeback, which means there are a lot of cute and chic options for your back to school backpack needs. If you need help picking out a backpack that will really help you stand out AND hold all of your supplies, check out these backpacks that are actually cool.

1. We all know that millennial pink is super in, so this backpack is bound to turn some heads:

Buy it from ASOS for $48


2. Mesh is also really in, so this type of backpack will be super trendy:

Buy it from Forever 21 for $22.90


3. An ombre backpack will give you the illusion that you are a lot cooler than you actually are!
Buy it from Vans for $38


4. Channel your inner ~mermaid~ with a sparkly backpack:

Buy it from Topshop for $60


5. Florals! For fall! Actually groundbreaking:
Buy it from Vans for $38


6. Check out these embroidered flowers! This is also a huge trend that isn’t going away anytime soon:

Buy it from Forever 21 for $48


7. ~Edgy~ patches are also in, which makes this bag perfect:
Buy it from Betsey Johnson for $118


8. For a more contemporary-chic look, try a leather and suede backpack:
Buy it from ASOS for $64


9. Stand out with a colorblock backpack:
Buy it from Forever 21 for $22.90


10. Get a bag with a ~quirky~ design, like these pineapples:

Buy this from Target for $44.99


11. This cool woven backpack is totally unique:
Buy it from Herschel for $122.99


12. This backpack makes it look like you are headed to space, which is pretty cool:
Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $75


13. Try a backpack with a really bold design:

Buy this from ASOS for $37


14. Or a more elegant design:
Buy it from ASOS for $45


15. You can always go with a rose gold backpack to look chic AF:
Buy it from Urban Outfitters for $90


16. Also, these mini backpacks are SUPER in, but I’m not sure how you would ever fit anything in there. Oh well:

Buy this one from Urban Outfitters for $44


Which one of these backpacks is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

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