15 Amazing People Who Have Somehow Managed To Travel To 3017

Technically, at this point in time, we are all living in the year of our lord 2017. And, personally? I find this to a little bit offensive. 2017 has not gone the way I had planned it, at all! I wanted more pan flute music and less Donald Trump! But, alas, this is the hand that 2017 has been dealt. And, based on the way things are going, very few people would blame you for not wanting to be in this year right now.

In fact, some people have found their discomfort with 2017 to be so great (I assume) that the only reasonable solution has been to escape to another millennium altogether. Which, to be more specific, happens to be the year 3017. This is with good reason! The year 3017, as you are about to learn, has many inventions that we could benefit from in 2017. The kicker is that these inventions are not even all *that* innovative, but they appear to come from a different era, which makes the desire to escape 2017 for literally any other time period, no matter how good its amenities are, feel even more palpable. So, check out these amazing genius people who have, against all odds, somehow managed to leave 2017 altogether and live in 3017:

1. This meme is pretty simple:


2. But effective!


3. Amazing:


4. I hate this!!!

5. But this…this is good:


6. I hate to overuse the vernacular term “goals” here, but…goals:

7. Also goals:

8. Heh:

9. How????

10. I mean:


11. Me as hell:

12. Nice:



14. Hard to argue with this one!


15. And, you know. This one:

What do you think of this meme? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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