18 Easy DIY Projects To Keep Your Dorm Room Organized

Decorating a brand new dorm room can be so exciting that you can easily get caught up in string lights and photo collages and forget about the practical stuff – you know, like where your textbooks are going to go or how you’re going to fit your entire wardrobe in a closet designed to comfortably hold 10 hangers. Staying organized in a tiny space like a dorm can be tough. Not only are you struggling to find the room to keep things neat, but you’re also dealing with your roommate’s stuff. Things get cluttered quickly, and before you know it, you’ve lost your MacBook charger, your class notes are all over the place, and you have no idea where your favorite snacks went.

Organizing your dorm room might take a little extra effort, but it’s worth it in the end – especially when you’re running late to class and need your keys ASAP, and instead of turning your room over to find them, you can just grab them from your convenient spot by the door and go. That’s just a random example, but you get it. There are lots of dorm products out there you can buy to keep things neat, but you don’t have to spend money to stay on top of your stuff. There are lots of easy DIY projects out there that will keep your dorm organized AF. You don’t even have to be super crafty to do all of them! Check out these DIY ways to organize your room, and thank me later:

1. Cork Memo Boards



Corkboard makes for a great memo board because it’s so easy to stick things on it. Make a set of cute cork memo boards and decorate them however you want – you can stick up important assignments so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.


2. Key Rack Memo Board



You know the keys to your dorm room that are, uh, pretty important? You can’t lose those! Instead of throwing them on your bed where they might get lost in a pile of clothes, make a cute memo board/key rack so you can hang them up as soon as you walk in. The chalkboard aspect of this makes it easy to write messages and notes to your roomie.


3. Confetti Tray



Little trays like this might seem silly and unnecessary, but they’re actually really great for holding small items you need, like your favorite lipgloss, a pen, some bobby pins… stuff that could easily get lost if you don’t keep track of it. Make your own trays for any available space.


4. Updated Plastic Drawers



You know those cheap plastic drawer sets you can get at, like, Target and Wal-Mart? They don’t look aesthetically pleasing, but they get the job done and they’re super inexpensive. Buy those over a pricier piece of furniture, and use the above tutorial to make them look amazing. They’re great for holding school supplies, clothes, or shoes, they’re easy to push around, and you can totally make them your own.


5. Snack Cart



If you have space in your dorm room for snacks (you should!), make yourself a snack cart like this one. It’s a great way to keep all of the food items in the room organized and in one place – not only does this make it easy to grab a bite to eat, but it keeps things neat so you don’t get bugs. Hiding cookies under your bed might seem smart, but you’re better off doing something like this.


6. Easy Makeup Organizer



If you have a lot of makeup and beauty products, don’t just shove them in a desk drawer or a messy box in the bathroom. Keep everything neat, together, and safe in a DIY makeup organizer like this one. You’ll thank yourself when you can easily find your favorite mascara that isn’t covered in an opened bottle of nail polish remover.


7. Storage Crate Seat



In a dorm room, you’re always searching for extra places for visitors and friends to sit while hanging out – it’s just that, usually, you don’t have the room. Take a storage crate and turn it into a cute little seat. You can still use it to hold stuff, it just has a convenient double purpose.


8. Magazine Holder



Some cool paper and an old cereal box can easily transform into a chic magazine holder. If you don’t read magazines, this can also hold folders for class notes and whatnot, and even textbooks. It’s a great way to keep things together on or under your desk.


9. Dry Erase Board



A dry erase board is great to have on your desk, because it’s easy to write important notes on it so you can remember everything. It’s a cute way to stay organized and on top of your schoolwork.


10. A Roommate Board



Sharing a room with another girl or multiple girls is fun, but there are also serious things that need to be taken into consideration. You guys will have to share chores like cleaning and keep each other updated on visitors and things like that. Keep all of that info organized with a cute roommate board like this one.


11. Gold Memo Board



Want to keep your dorm room organized and chic? This gold wire memo board is perfect. It looks very cool and makes it super easy to hang up important papers and things you need all the time, like sunglasses and keys.


12. Toilet Paper Holder



A toilet paper holder might not seem like the ~sexiest~ DIY project out there, but it’s obviously pretty important to keep extra toilet paper rolls close by. Make this one that won’t take up a ton of room and can stay in a convenient spot.


13. Cute Laundry Basket



Keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones with a cool looking laundry basket you won’t be embarrassed to carry to the laundry room. It will even look good as a piece of decor!


14. Printer Shelf



Maximize the space on your desk by making a cool “shelf” for your printer – or your laptop, or really whatever you want. It’s a perfect spot for paper and other random desk supplies and won’t take up extra space.


15. Floating Nightstand



A big part of staying organized in your room room is making the most of all the random spaces. Keep your most important items close to you while you sleep with a corner shelf like this one.


16. Freshman Survival Kit



It might sound ~nerdy~ but trust us: you need a survival kit like this one. It’s a great place to hold all of the random items you don’t think you need but WILL need at some point.


17. Dorm Fridge Magnets



Another way to use up random space? Make these little container magnets to hold small snacks, candies, or even just totally random small items that you lose all the time. This is great if you have a little fridge.


18. Charging Station



Keep your chargers and everything in one neat spot with a charging station made from a shoebox. It’s an excellent way to make sure you don’t trip over a random wire while trying to get ready for an important exam.


Which one of these DIY projects are you going to try? How do you keep your own space organized? Let us know in the comments!

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