18 Cute Corkboard DIYs For Your Dorm

If there was one thing that always made me look forward to school, it was thoughts about how I was going to decorate my dorm room. (Getting up early did not rank.) A dorm room might sometimes feel like a glorified cupboard, but there is still so much you can do with it.

And one of the best things is, you don’t have to drop major cash to make your dorm room feel more personalized. There are tons and tons of cute dorm room DIYs. Not only will they earn you some major cool points with your fellow floor mates, they’re also kind on your wallet. Because even the best dorm room decor will lose its appeal if it makes those student loans even bigger.

I love all dorm room DIYs, but I’m especially a big fan of turning basic things into awesome ones. One great example is the basic corkboards dorms have. While they might serve a function, they’re just a little, well, brown. That’s where corkboard DIYs come in. If you thought that there was only one kind of corkboard, these DIYs will open up your mind to a whole new world. And of course, you can still pin all of your important notes to them. Get inspired with these 18 cute corkboard ideas.

1. Who said that your corkboard has to be square? Go for pentagons, hexagons, septagons, or even triangles. Just make sure you don’t cut up the corkboard in your dorm. Buy another one.




2. The diagonal lines turn this into one massive photo frame. Choose your two favorite colors.




3. You guys, it’s a pineapple corkboard. How epic is that?




4. Want to make a hexagon corkboard set even cooler? Lay out each board in a pleasing geometric shape then paint different stripes down the boards.




5. It’s a corkboard and a chalkboard. And it’s pink and black. And it has studs. Need I say more?




6. They might not look like it, but those letters are corkboard. Spell out what you want then paint all of the letters different colors.




7. Stay super organized by having corkboards dedicated to each day of the week. The round ones are fun instead of the usual square.




8. Draw different diagonal lines on four corkboards then smash them together to create a supersized one.




9. You cannot actually eat these doughnut-shape corkboards, but they are still super sweet.




10. How clever is this voodoo doll idea? You can actually buy these corkboards, but you could just as easily DIY them.




11. I’m seeing spots and I’m perfectly okay with it. The red boarder on the inside of the corkboard is another unique touch.




12. Yeah, it will take a bit of time to paint in those different stripes, but the results are worth it. The design is almost too pretty to be covered up by notes.




13. This is a different sort of corkboard entirely, but it’s very cool, especially when you place it next to a door. Start asking your parents for wine corks now.




14. Get art and organization with these round corkboards. Choose different fabrics for the boards then have each one represent a specific thing. It’ll keep you very organized.




15. I love how a bit of fabric and some push tacks can turn a sad corkboard into a chic one.




16. Not feeling your dorm’s calendar, either? Turn your corkboard into a fun paint chip calendar. If you already have the corkboard, the calendar won’t cost you anything because paint chips are almost always free.




17. Who would have thought that simply adding gold stripes to a corkboard would make it look so expensive?




18. It’s all about the details with this corkboard. Painting on some zigzags turns it from a functional board into a corkboard and an art piece. 




What corkboard idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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