9 Things You Don’t Actually Need To Bring To College

As someone who did the whole “college” thing, I can say with certainty that I know a lot about packing. Or rather, not packing, since I quickly learned that there are a LOT of things you don’t need to bring to school. As you can see, I am NOT a fan of packing:

I’m annoying, but this is a good example of how much I truly HATE packing, especially overpacking. So, over the years, I started to take note of things I thought I needed, but didn’t ACTUALLY need when I got to school every semester. And, surprisingly, there are a lot of things that you think you need but shouldn’t actually bring. I know that you really want to bring your Limited Edition Harry Potter Pez Set to college, but trust me, it will just end up lost under your bed. If you often have trouble packing for school, take a look at these things you think you might need, but really don’t.

What will you bring to college? Tell us in the comments!

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