What Sign Should Be Your BFF, According To Your Sign

In my humble opinion, friendships are the most important type of relationship that you will ever have. Sure, you will have a romantic relationship every now and then and your family will always be there for you, but your friends are the ones who stick with you through it all. They are always there for you and want the best for you. This is important, especially when you’re a teen learning how to navigate life. Yes, you might eventually get married and your best friend will be your husband or wife, but at this point in your life, your friends are the most important to you.

Since your friends are so important, you want to be sure that you are hanging out with the right ones. You might butt heads with your BFF and then realize that it’s because your signs are just not compatible. The best way to know if you and someone will become best friends is to make sure that your signs work well together. Obviously, you don’t have to drop your current BFF for someone with a more compatible sign, but it IS something to keep in mind when you’re meeting new people. So, take a look at what sign should be your best friend, according to YOUR sign.

What sign should be your BFF? Tell us in the comments!

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