15 Things That Make No Sense About Disney Movies

Since I am a human person, I obviously love Disney movies. They are fun and silly and I grew up watching them, so they feel like a treasure to me. I totally understand that Disney movies are, in fact, fictional stories that are meant to entertain and that you shouldn’t take them seriously. That being said, some of the things that happen in these movies make zero sense. Yes, I know, it’s fictional and just for fun, but as you get older and watch all of your favorite childhood movies, you realize that so many of these things just don’t add up, which makes the movie watching experience a little less realistic. I’m not saying that they NEED to be realistic (there are talking animals, after all) but some of the plot holes are very obvious.

Again, I get that I’m being a little nitpicky, but the people who make these movies think of EVERYTHING, so when you find a little plot hole or conundrum, it can be a little weird. It doesn’t take away from these movies being ~classics~ but it can make the movie a little less magical that it’s supposed to be. If you love to ruin your childhood, take a look at these things that make NO sense about Disney movies.


1.The fact that Eric falls in love with Ariel without ever having a conversation with her:

giphy (4)

Doesn’t that seem… weird?


2.The fact that Cinderella’s shoe fell off in the first place! If it FIT why would it slip off?! WTF. Also, I’m SURE other people could fit into that shoe:

giphy (5)

ALSO why couldn’t the prince remember anything about Cinderella at all? Didn’t they have an intimate dance together? Don’t you think he could recognize her face if needed?


3. How easily makeup just happens to come off in the Disney universe. Where is her makeup remover? Did she ever wash her face?!:


Can I know her secrets?


4 . Buzz Lightyear didn’t think he was a toy… and yet he always froze when there were humans around?

giphy (6)

Clearly he knew he wasn’t supposed to be moving around humans. Why did he think that if he didn’t know he was a toy? IDGI and I want answers!


5. Literally everything about the Cars universe. Who makes the cars? Are there humans? How do they hold things? 

giphy (7)

I have a lot of questions.


6. The seven dwarves had so many diamonds, so they were probably rich, but why didn’t they live in a bigger house?


Imagine what you could do with all those diamonds!


7. WTF was Scar’s name before he got his scar?!

Didn’t ANYONE think to ask about that?


8. Don’t even get me started on the whole “why does Goofy walk on two legs but Pluto walks on two even though they are both dogs” debate!

giphy (8)

Seems pretty unfair, TBH.


9. HOW is Tarzan so hairless?:


He lives in a JUNGLE.


10. Also why doesn’t Aladdin have nipples? :


I know he’s a cartoon, but come on!


11. Also, a lot of the Disney princesses aren’t ACTUAL princesses, BTW:

giphy (9)

Why are they called princesses? It’s false advertising.


12. What caused Chip to have a chip in his head? How does that affect his human self?:

giphy (10)

It’s a little scary to consider, actually.


13.  The fact that they all spoke English in Beauty and The Beast. I know, it’s a movie.  But Belle was French!: 


They lived in France! They speak French there!


14. And they all get married in their early teens?

giphy (11)

Who…. thought that was a good idea?


15. And have amazing singing voices. UGH:


Do you have to be able to sing to be a princess?


What weird Disney fact did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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