22 Posts You’ll Relate To If You’re Slightly Garbage

If you have been paying attention, you will know that being garbage–as in, like, being a “trash” person who is the worst and total rubbish–is in style right now.

Personally? I am pretty into it, since far too many of us can relate to the concept of being garbage in some way. You are the only person who sees everything you do all day, after all (well, the only person other than the Good Lord Above, if you are into that sort of thing), so, of course, you see yourself at your worst. You see yourself when you stalk your ex in a private browser at 2 AM so they won’t show up in your search history, you see yourself when you eat the cupcakes you knew your mom was planning on bringing to the PTA bake sale, and you see yourself when you read Sparknotes instead of the actual book you were supposed to read for a class discussion. You’re trash! I am trash. We’re all trash.

But, on another level, you know that you are very much not the worst. In fact, you realize that the fact that you are nothing more than a steaming pile of trash is all part of what makes you you and, perhaps, you even love yourself a little bit more for it. So, check out these posts on things you’ll understand if you’re a garbage person. But you, know–just a little bit of one:

1. You contain multitudes:



2. You always acknowledge your texting flaws:



3. Even when they involve screenshots:



4. You as a parent:



5. You as a professor:



6. You excelling at your career:



7. You on Yahoo Answers:



8. Despite it all, you have managed to retain some solid friendships:



9. Although:



10. Your grandfather, probably:


11. Your idea of haute couture:



12. You and your squad during the bomb threat:



13. You at school:



14. You after school:



15. You practicing self care:



16. You on Tinder:



17. You as a Renaissance noblewoman:



19. Literally you on a cooking show:



20. You making the most of your clique:



21. I mean, what’s clear is that you are trash, through and through:



22. But you are the best kind of trash. And that’s what really matters:


Did you relate to these posts? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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