13 Of The Coolest Ways To Decorate A Triple Dorm Room

If you are going to college in the fall, you’ve probably already been given the information for the room you’ll be living in for the next semester. And, possibly, this room lives up to all of your expectations–maybe you have a super cool roommate in a room with high ceilings and huge windows and enough space to make you feel like the time you spent slaving away over assignments in high school to get to college really was worth it. Or, perhaps, you have been assigned to live in a triple. Which, of course, no one would fault you for thinking of as a worst case scenario.

But don’t be fooled! Just like pretty much everything else in the world, there are both pros (having a slightly larger dorm room than your friends in doubles or singles, always knowing you’ll have a friend around, ) and cons (zero privacy, like, ever) to living in a triple. But, if that’s the card you’ve been dealt you’ve got to make the most of it–and, fortunately, there are a bunch of ways to make it so that there are a lot more pros than cons in your triple. So, check out these cool ways to decorate a triple dorm room that will actually make you want to live there:

1. You’re almost definitely going to have to bunk up two of the beds in a triple–you can try to conserve even more space by lofting the bed that isn’t in the bunk and putting storage underneath:



2. If you’re lucky enough to not have to bunk or loft, try and coordinate a color scheme in the room to make it feel more cohesive:




3. If floor space is REALLY of importance to you, you can do, um, this:




4. (Chances are good that it’ll look more like this, though):




5. If you have a window, make sure that it’s not covered up by your bed–the light will make your room feel slightly bigger:




6. You can also try getting bright-colored accessories, which will make your room feel more open:




7. You should also try to share your shelving so you’re not all taking up space with separate shelves and cabinets:




8. It works if you color-coordinate, too:




9. Window treatments can also help to make a room feel a lot more put together:




10. It can also be helpful to push all of the desks in the room together to make a big communal study area:




11. Plus your shelving, if you really want to save space:




12. This isn’t technically a dorm room, but the overall concept is still pretty helpful:




13. And, of course, you can never really go wrong with fairy lights:




Do you have a triple dorm? Do you have any tips on decorating or organizing it? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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