7 Weird Things Your Hair Is Telling You

I have always been a little too obsessed with my hair. I care about it too much and always want it to look good, even when I was little. I have always had really thick and curly which is annoying. I never really thought about how important your hair really is until I went to get my hair done recently and the hairdresser noticed my hair was very fragile. She asked me if I don’t get enough vitamin D, since my hair kept falling out. I laughed, but then realized that she was serious and could actually tell that I was vitamin D deficient based on my hair. Spoiler alert: I AM vitamin D deficient, so it was definitley a little creepy for her to say that. She was like a hair psychic.

Ever since then, I’ve been very cautious of how what I did with my life can affect my hair, both in good ways and bad ways. Your hair can tell a LOT about you, and it’s actually really good to know these things so you can keep your body AND your hair healthy. If you notice something weird going on with your hair, it could be a sign of a different health problem, which is why it’s so important to know this stuff. So, check out these seven weird things your hair could be telling you, so you can be super smart about your hair!

Have any of these things happened to your hair? Tell us in the comments!

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