7 Sex Phobias You Had No Idea Existed

Sex is a completely natural and normal part of life. Most adults and young adults have sex often because it’s fun, it feels good, and it’s just… there! But at the same time, it’s important to point out that it’s also normal to feel anxious or nervous about certain sex moments, or even just the act in general. It might sometimes feel like everyone in the world is totally, one hundred percent fine with sex stuff all the time, but that isn’t exactly true – it’s just something that isn’t always discussed. Maybe you are freaking out about someone actually being inside of you, or maybe you squirm at the idea of being naked in front of someone you like. These are valid fears and anxieties! It might even ease your mind to know that  these sex fears are quite common. In fact, there are a lot of sex phobias that you might not realize exist.

I know the term “phobia” might sound clinical, but it’s really just a fancy way to say that something freaks you out to a more serious extent. And let’s face it –  there are a ton of things that might freak you out during sex. I mean, you’re naked and vulnerable, so it opens the door for some pretty rough thoughts. You might not have known that these fears have names, but they do! I always say that, sometimes, knowing that there is a name for something makes it a little less scary. After all, you are probably not alone when it comes to your sex phobias. So, get educated and take a look at these sex phobias you totally didn’t know existed.

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