8 Weird Facts About Having Sex In The Summer

It’s currently summer time for most of us, which means lots of sunshine, lovely beach days, late nights with friends, and, uh, probably a lot of sweaty summer sex, if we’re being honest. Once you start crushing on guys or girls (or maybe both, there is no right answer!), it’s only inevitable that your summer goals will include something like “hook up with Danny!!” or “have sex for the first time FINALLY!” Sort of like this magical bucket list that ended up going viral on social media.

Anyway, that’s normal. Sex is fun and feels good, and for many people, it’s an important milestone. It makes sense that summer would be the season you want to do it a lot. You have a lot more time since you’re not in school, you have more opportunities to meet someone or see your crush, and there’s just this vibe in the air where everyone wants to have fun, be free, and do something wild.

So, go for it if you want! But also, you should probably know some of these weird facts about having sex in the summer. You’re probably not aware that getting it on during the hottest months of the year can be a little bit more dangerous than hooking up in, say, December (you’ll find out why in a minute). Doesn’t that sound like something you should know? Here are some of the strangest facts about sex during the summer you probably didn’t know:

People Want One Night Stands More Often During Summer

Looking for a serious relationship this summer? Well... it might be a little more tough to find than you think. One Ok Cupid study found that more people are looking for one-night stands during the summer rather than long-term relationships. Researchers suspect it's because more people have more free time, are willing to go out and be social more often, and because people wear fewer clothes. The study found that, in June in particular, 33 percent more people look for one night stands than any other month of the year. If that's what you're into, then good for you!

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STI Cases Increase In The Summer

Much less fun news? STI cases are known to increase during the summer. Research from as far back as the '70s has shown that STI rates go up during summer months. This is probably because of a mix of things: more people want more casual sex (which could mean less safe sex), more people are having sex in general (more on that in a minute), and inhibitions are typically lowered. Either way, please stay safe and always wear a condom!

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Guys Are More Likely To Cheat In The Summer

According to Cosmopolitan, guys cheat more during the summer. Doctors say this is because summer is the time of year most often associated with carefree fun - guys don't to be tied down. They want to have fun, do what they want, and not care about the consequences. Cosmo also says it's because people are more social during the summer, and because more people are looking for more adventure - and for some, that might mean cheating. Ouch.

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UTIs Are More Common During Summer

Before you start having sex, like, every day this summer, know this: it's the time of year when you're most at risk of getting a urinary tract infection. UTIs are the worst - there are few things more frustrating than the feeling of having to pee but then not being able to pee - and sexual activity can make them a lot worse. UTIs peak in the summer for a few reasons: one is that more people get dehydrated, which can lead to a UTI. Another reason is that there's a lot of sex happening.

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So Are Yeast Infections

Well, not to continue to rain on your pleasure parade, but yeast infections are another horrible female affliction that are more common in the summer. This is because you're sweaty and hot, and that moist environment in your underwear leads to yeast infections. You can also get them from damp bathing suits, and of course, sex.

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Couples Have Sex Most In The Summer

In case you couldn't tell, people are having a lot of sex in the summer. This extends to couples, who tend to have the most sex during the hotter months. This could be for a few reasons - one, warm weather turns people on (more on that in a minute). Two, people are being more social. Three, people are wearing less. And four? It could be a hormonal thing that doctors aren't totally sure about.

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Having Sex In The Water Is... Bad

When you think about summer sex, maybe you have elaborate fantasies about steamy sex in a hot tub, or magical sex on the beach. Maybe you think about a sexy movie scene where two people are having sex in the pool. Want to try it? Don't! Sex in the water is bad, especially if you're in chlorine or salt water. For one thing, that extra water isn't making things any easier down there - it's making it worse, actually. It hurts! Plus, sex in a hot tub or a pool is a recipe for an infection. Also, if you're using a condom in the water, there's more of a chance that it will tear or break, leading to an infection or even pregnancy. Don't do it! Seriously!

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Summer Weather Turns People On

The hot weather might make sex seem uncomfortable, but actually, it's probably just making people more turned on. There are a few reasons for this. Being extra sweaty can let off more, or different, pheromones, which can attract people without anyone realizing it. It's also because the days are longer and people are spending more time outside, wearing less clothing. Oh, and also? People associate warm weather with intimacy. Interesting!

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Which one of these facts did you think was the weirdest? Share in the comments.

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