7 Types Of Plants That Will Actually Survive In Your Dorm Room

This sounds a little odd to say, but plants are definitely having a moment right now. It’s hard to scroll through any social media feeds without seeing a big ol’ plant as a backdrop to some beauty product, or your friend posting a pic of her new lil’ cactus in a cute lil’ planter. I mean, having a houseplant isn’t exactly some sort of radical design choice–I grew up with a few…that were usually half dead–but now it’s low key weird if you don’t have some sort of plant in your room. Out of nowhere everyone got really into succulents, and then graduated to big leafy plants, and now everyone is a plant mom. I…am definitely one of those people. I’ve obtained nine plants over the past year; impulse shopping for a new top or lipstick was replaced with copping a new snake plant for my windowsill! This trend probably started based on pure aesthetics, because a selfie is fresher with a big bold plant lurking in the background, right? But at least plants are beneficial beyond making our Instagram feeds look cool. Studies have shown that houseplants improve mood, increase your attention span, and clean the air in your house. So not only do they look good, they make you feel good too. It’s a win-win situation, guys.


Me and my jade plant | offbeatorbit @ Instagram

Me and my jade plant | offbeatorbit @ Instagram

So if you’re thinking about buying a plant for your bedroom, go for it! Especially if you’re starting college soon and will live in a dorm. Why should college students have a plant? Well, aside from plants making you feel better, they’re also a unique and cheery way to decorate an unfamiliar space. This is particularly useful if you have to share a room; making a shared space feel more personal is hard to do, and a plant is a cool way to do it. If you’re sold on the idea but you’re worried you’ll kill your plant, no sweat: Check out these seven types of plants that will actually survive in your dorm room. From plants that can thrive off low light, to plants that don’t require a ton of watering, you’ll find a plant that works for you and your dorm room.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plants are a breeze to take care of! You can water them once every couple of weeks and they're absolutely fine. I can't even remember the last time I watered mine, and it looks perfect. Plus, you don't need to put it in direct sunlight; indirect is fine. Oh, and if you're ever dealing with a sunburn or any other skin irritation, you can cut off a bit of the leaf and use the goo on the inside as a healing salve.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are great for dorms because they're ultra low-maintenance. They need very little water; too much water will make the leaves shrivel up, actually. I learned this the hard way, and even though my plant has lost a few leaves, it's still hanging in there and looks dope. Plus, they thrive in both direct sunlight and not-so-sunny conditions. They're one of my favorite plants because they're super striking and can immediately add bold dimension and color to even the dullest dorm room.


Jade Plant

Jade plants have such cute (and thicc) leaves, that they really don't need a nice planter to dress 'em up. They like sunlight, but don't require much direct-sunlight, so they don't have to lurk on a windowsill to grow. Plus, you don't have to worry about watering a jade plant too much; once a week is all it needs.


Golden Pothos

Pothos plants are so forgiving, which is why they're great for anyone with a black thumb or anyone who has never owned a plant before. They love sunlight, but they don't need constant beams of direct sunlight to thrive. Plus, they don't require a lot of watering. But what really makes them a winner is the fact that they recover from anything from overwatering or a lack of sunlight really quickly. If the leaves are drooping, a little direct sunlight or a bit of water will make them perk right back up as if nothing happened.



There are plenty of different plants in the cactus family and they come in plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors. Cactus plants are great if your dorm gets a lot of sunlight, especially if you have a south facing window. They're super low maintenance and only need minimal watering--some can go for a couple of weeks without a drop--and can mostly be left alone and just sit pretty on a windowsill.


Rubber Plant

Rubber plants thrive in both sunny and low-light conditions, which makes them versatile no matter what dorm room you end up with. But quick heads up: The leaves change color depending on the lighting. In low-light conditions, the leaves are on the green side. When the rubber plant gets a lot of light, however, the leaves become a beautiful burgundy color. On the watering front, a rubber plant needs water once a week, but the soil can be pretty dry before the plant gets thirsty again. We know you're busy, so this plant will forgive you if you wait a little too long to water it. Just don't get too lazy.



If you have a lax schedule and a room with a fair amount of sunlight, you might want to consider taking on a monstera. They require a little more care than the others on this list, but not by much. You should water it twice a week and make sure it's in a spot that gives it a fair amount of sunlight, but not necessarily direct light.


Are you a plant mom? What kid of plant would you love for your room? Tell us in the comments!

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