8 Times Disney Took It Way Too Far

I, like the rest of you I’m sure, grew up watching Disney movies. My mom would stick a VHS in the player and let it be our babysitter for a couple of hours (life was so simple back then!). I had all of the stuffed animals and toys from every movie, and was always dressing up as the princesses. My personal favorite was The Little Mermaid, since I, too, wanted to be a mermaid. I would watch it every day for months, singing along to all of the songs very out of tune. It wasn’t until I grew up and watched these movies again in college that I realized that these movies are a little messed up.

Sure, a lot of these stories are based on old fables and fairy tales, but that doesn’t mean that Disney couldn’t have changed SOME of the messed up stuff, right? Yet, they are still there, subtlety making you double-take as you get older and realize that they are pretty dark. So many of these movies involve heavy themes, like violence and abuse, but play them off as just another thing that happens in life. Sure, these things happen, but they shouldn’t be normalized and shown to us as children, right? If you agree, take a look at these eight times Disney movies just took it waaaay too far.

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