8 Steamy Ways To Make Kissing Sexier

There aren’t a lot of bad things that can be said about kissing. You get to be super close with someone you like, you’re doing something you enjoy (hopefully), and it’s just a whole lot of fun. When you first start kissing someone new, the first few times (and maybe more than a few!) can feel so magical it almost makes you dizzy. Like so many other things, though, there’s always the danger of falling into a routine – and even with something as awesome as making out, that can get boring after a while.

This is one of the reason kissing kind of falls to the side for a lot of long-term couples. The other reason is that once you start having sex, it can be easy to forget about the simple pleasure of a hot make-out sesh. Whatever the problem is, if you clicked on this, you’re probably looking for a few ways to make kissing sexier. Maybe you’re still a virgin and you just want to add some passion to smooching, or maybe you’re trying to reignite something with your boo – or maybe you’re just looking to make things more exciting with whoever you end up kissing next. Whatever the reason, we could all use a little refresher once in a while. The below tips will help you make kissing sexier, and ramp up your make-out sessions so that they’re so fun, you’ll (almost) forget about doing anything else.

Tease Them

When you think of teasing someone, you might only think about teasing before having sex or oral sex. But you can, and should, do this even if you're just making out with them! Before you start full on making out, take things slow and make them want more. Start by giving them gentle, soft kisses on their cheek, their neck, their ear, maybe even their forehead or chest, and then move to their lips. Start with short, slow kisses, pulling away to kiss them somewhere else, or to whisper something in their ear, or let them kiss you somewhere else. When they try to really get into it, pull away a few times to get them really excited. This will immediately turn up the heat for both of you.

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Touch Them All Over

Touching is so, SO important when it comes to kissing someone, and a lot of people unfortunately seem to forget about it. I've heard the question, "what do I do with my hands?" too many times to count! The answer? Touch this person all over the place! It makes things so much more passionate and intimate. If you're not at the point of touching genitals or anything like that, that's okay! There are other things that deserve your attention.

You can start by running your hands through your partner's hair (just don't rip it out), putting one hand on their cheek, pulling them closer with one hand on their neck, or tightly wrapping your arms around their neck. You can rub their back, arms, or legs. Trace your fingers along their collarbone or lower on their abdomen. If you want to take it up a notch, tough their chest, their genitals... whatever you want. Feel free to do this over or under clothes - whatever you're more comfortable with. Just don't leave your hands limp at your sides!

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Switch Things Up Throughout

There are lots of different ways to kiss someone: kissing slowly and steadily, kissing fast and passionately, giving quick pecks, French kissing with a lot of tongue or a little tongue, sucking on their lips. Switch up your techniques throughout your make-out sesh - you don't need to stick to just one! Every few minutes, or whenever it feels right, change the speed or the motion or the way your head is positioned. Move your hands, switch positions and roll around... just don't sit in one spot doing the same thing the entire time.

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Get In A Different Position

Speaking of switching positions, this is another important tip: don't get into a routine of sitting or laying down the same way every time. If you guys always make out while laying next to each other in bed, try sitting up and sitting on top of them or having them sit on top of you. If you're always laying or sitting, try standing and leaning against a wall. Get on top if they're always on top, or on bottom if they're always on bottom. Go to a different location than usual, or try sneaking in some kisses in a place you aren't really supposed to be making out in (just don't get in trouble!). Doing something as simple as changing your position can really make a difference.

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Nibble and Suck

This is a bit of a controversial tip. There are people who absolutely love it when you nibble on their ear or lip, or suck gently on their tongue... and then there are people who hate it. If you don't know what your partner likes, you can feel them out. Start by gently sucking on their bottom lip as you pull away from a kiss - carefully, though, you don't want to hurt them. Gently bite their lip as you pull away. Suck their tongue quickly. Kiss their ear, and if they like that, then try giving it soft bites - do the same with their neck. Start softly and gently, and if they respond in a positive way, keep going. If they move you or start doing something different right away, then stop. Just follow direction!

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Kiss Their Neck

Almost everyone turns into a melting pile of lust when someone kisses their neck the right way. At some point while kissing, pull away and start by giving them some soft, gentle kisses along their neck. Find one spot, and start kissing a little bit more, sucking just a very tiny bit (hickies are not always the best idea!). If you're worried about giving them a hickie, just give them little kisses all along their neck, making your way up their jawline and back to their mouth. You can even go a little lower if you want and kiss their collar bone or chest area.

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Act Passionate

Kissing will be boring if there's no real passion involved, guaranteed. You have to act like you're into it, or no one will have any fun. You can do this by trying literally any of the tips we just discussed. You can also show passion by making the first move, whispering some dirty talk in their ear, and playing a little rough. Also, passion doesn't have to equal SEX SEX SEX. It can also include laughing together as you kiss, touching each other everywhere while just looking in each other's eyes, and saying what you want to do to each other. Just make sure you show that you're into it... this isn't really the best time to be shy.

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Don't Go Too Crazy

Keeping all of these tips in mind, you also want to make sure you don't try too hard. I realize that sounds hypocritical, but hear me out. You don't want to make kissing mechanical, like a recipe you're following. You want to do what feels right in the moment, following the other person's movements also. Keep these tips in the back of your mind, but don't feel like you have to do ALL of them one after the other.

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What’s your favorite kissing tip? How do you make things more passionate? Let us know in the comments.

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