15 Cool Planners That Will Inspire You To Go Back To School

There’s something special about a new planner, right? Whether you are someone who thrives on order (not me) or maintains a constant aura of disorganized chaos (hello!), there is something about cracking open a new, pristine planner that feels almost holy. The allure of planners lies not in what they can actually do for you, but, like most things, what you think they can do for you.

All planners seem carry an implicit promise that they can help anyone can turn their life from the rumpled, disorganized mess it is right now into a clean, minimalist dream. Who cares if you have thirty unread text messages, you haven’t moved your clothes from the chair for the past three weeks, and you couldn’t make your bed if you wanted to, because it doesn’t even have sheets on it right now? A planner, much like walking into the Container Store or spending an hour looking at capsule wardrobes on Pinterest, make you feel as though you not only have the power to finally organize your life, but, rather, that it is your destiny. And this, of course, is just the attitude you need to go back to school. So, check out these cool, aesthetically soothing planners that might actually make you excited for school to start:

1. So soothing!



2. Those li’l succulents :’):



3. Try to establish a color scheme each week that makes you happy:



4. You can (and should) also use color coding to make it easy to figure out what you need to do at a glance:



5. Here’s a key if you’re not sure how to start:

6. Washi tape is a good way to make a basic planner look more interesting, too:


7. You can also use sticky notes and stickers:



8. Want to get into calligraphy but aren’t sure how? Use Crayola Super Tips markers, which make it easier to make your strokes look cleaner:



9. OBVIOUSLY I am very into this self love spread!

10. If you’re the type to forget birthdays, it’s probably a good idea to have a birthday page:

11. And, if you can, the summer is a good time to plan as far ahead as you can:



12. Especially for your (gulp) exams:



13. Your planner doesn’t have to be perfect, obviously:



14. But it should be something that’s fun for you to look at:



15. So, figure out what that looks like for you and get started now:


Do you use a planner? Did any of these tips totally ~inspire~ you? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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