15 Makeup Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Eyes

Before you open up that mascara tube, hold up. Have you ever stopped to consider that the way you’re applying your mascara is actually the thing upsetting your eyes? Or maybe it’s your eyeliner and eyeshadow that are making your eyes super sensitive.

There could actually be nothing wrong with the products. It could be the way you’re applying them. Or maybe it’s a combination of both. Our eyes are sensitive and they can run, sting, and even swell up if they’re not treated properly. And messing around with our eyes is serious business because you don’t want to cause damage to your peepers.

You might be tempted to give up wearing eye makeup after that paragraph, but there’s no need to go that extreme if you still love yourself some eyeshadow. The key thing is that you’re using your eye makeup products properly. And if you experience any discomfort, it’s critical that you stop using the products. It doesn’t matter how much they cost. Here are 15 makeup mistakes that could be messing with your eyes.

1. Applying products on your eyes that aren’t formulated for them.



Yeah, there are countless YouTube tutorials where bloggers put random things on their eyes (and faces). However, anything that isn’t meant for your eyes shouldn’t be going on them. The eyes are sensitive and they require special formulations.


2. You’re using eyeliner for waterlining.



Waterlining is when you apply eyeliner just above your lower lashline to that little piece of skin. Not only does it take skill, it also can upset eyes because the eyeliner is so close to the eyeball. Not to mention that there is the very real risk of poking yourself in the eye.


3. Using glitter on your eyelids.



Glitter is always fun, but there are certain types of sparkle for eyes. And even the ones that are designed for eyes can cause irritation. The issue is that some of the little specks of glitter can fall off lids into the eye.


4. Applying foundation or concealer to your eyelids.



If you’ve got greasy lids like me, you will probably be willing to try almost anything to keep that eyeshadow on. However, you don’t want to do anything. In fact, you should be careful of applying foundations or concealers to eyelids because they could burn and sting. To help your eyeshadow adhere properly, stick with an eyeshadow primer.


5. You’re not allowing the products to dry properly.



We are all super rushed in the morning, but it’s key to let liquid and creams dry before you start batting your eyes. They will smudge when they’re wet, and that will obviously ruin your application. Furthermore, some of the product can get in your eyes.


6. You’re using dirty makeup brushes.



Dirty makeup brushes are no joke. You’ve probably seen some of the scary stories about them on the internet so you don’t need me to repeat them to you. A dirty eye makeup brush can lead to an eye infection, and red, itchy eyes don’t work in any sort of makeup look.


7. You’re using your eyelash curler too close to your eyeball.



There is a reason why some people are so against eyelash curlers. And it’s that they can pinch your eye and really hurt. All the lash-lifting in the world isn’t worth that. If you’re using one, try to get close to the roots, but not too close that you pinch the skin. *shudders*


8. You’re tightlining.



Tightlining (aka when you put the eyeliner between your lashes and your eyeball) is a technique that a lot of makeup pros love because it makes the eyes look bigger. However, when the product is that close to your eyes, it can result in irritation. Not to mention that it’s very tricky to do.


9. You’re using expired makeup.



Sorry, but makeup doesn’t expire when it runs out. Mascara has a very short shelf life of a couple of months and eyeshadows last a few years. Ditto with eyeliner. I know you want to get your money’s worth and use up the whole lot, but is an eye infection really worth that?


10. You’re using your fingers to apply the products.



Applying makeup with your fingers can be fine, but if you’re wondering why your eyes are constantly stinging, this could be the issue. First, it’s very important that your hands are clean and that they don’t have any other products. That includes your scented hand cream. Second, fingernails can upset delicate eyes.


11. You’re applying under-eye concealer a bit too close to your eyes.



While you want to have an even base, you don’t actually need to apply concealer right up to your lashes. If you do it, chances are your eyes will run and all the concealer will be washed away.


12. You’re applying false lashes.



False lashes have surged in popularity thanks to elaborate YouTube tutorials, but those pesky lashes could be making eyes feel uncomfortable. It could be from the glue or the lashes themselves. Watch out if you’re reusing lashes because it’s imperative that they’re properly cleaned each time you use them.


13. You’re using a crusty mascara brush.



Have you ever noticed how product can build up on your mascara brush over time? Chunks can form and dry out on it. Before you go anywhere near your eyes with that wand, ensure that you’re removing those bits because they could scratch eyes. Use a clean tissue to get rid of them to keep things clean.


14. You’re using a mineral powder.



Mineral makeup products can be great, but make sure that one is suitable for use on the eyes. Even if it is, there is still a possibility of it upsetting peepers. Some of the loose powder can fall out during your application or even throughout the day.


15. You’re removing your eye makeup wrong.



If you’ve applied all your makeup properly, you don’t want to ruin things with how you remove it. First of all, you actually have to remove that eye makeup. Secondly, you want to do it gently. I know mascara can be a pain in the butt to remove, but aggressive rubbing is not the answer.


Do you think you have sensitive eyes? Let us know in the comments!

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